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Tok beauté: an ultra girly manicure inspired by “The Bridgerton Chronicle”



(ETX Daily Up) – Refinement and femininity are pushed to their climax with “coquette nails”, the manicure inspiration that drives counters crazy on social networks. Straight out of an episode of the historical romance “The Bridgerton Chronicle”, this trend translates into nail colors considered girly, including pink, and precious and refined ornaments. An entire program.

What manicure to adopt this summer? The trends in this area follow each other without ever resembling each other on social networks, from Gothic inspirations to the most eccentric through romantic aesthetics. We have seen this in recent months with ‘knit nail art’, a beauty version of the cable sweater, ‘swirl nails’, which result in ripples of color, and more recently the controversial ‘duck nails’ brought back to the taste of the day by singer Lizzo. But today it is a more poetic inspiration that seems to be unanimous on TikTok: the ‘coquette nails’, which draw their source from the phenomenon series “The Bridgerton Chronicle”. It will be understood, we are talking about romance, 19th century aesthetics, and refinement, in the same vein as the ‘coquette makeup’ trend, a real ode to romanticism, which is also a hit on the Chinese social network.

Room for romance

After the comfort of confinement, then the eccentricity of the return to normal life, comes a craze for a much more feminine aesthetic that we find under the name ‘coquette’. The term has already generated no less than nine billion views on the Chinese social network, bringing together fashion, beauty, or even decoration, with many derivatives such as ‘coquette aesthetic’ (two billion views), ‘ coquettecore’ (405 million views), ‘coquette makeup’ (160 million views), and now ‘coquette nails’ (42 million views). Under these hashtags, we discover clothes, make-up, decorative objects, and accessories tinged with a certain romanticism, seeming straight out of the universe of “The Bridgerton Chronicle”. The ‘coquette nails’ are no exception, and now take up this aesthetic in the form of playful and creative manicures.

Exit the flashy or dark colors, the ‘coquette nails’ result in an omnipresence of pastel shades, and in particular pink, even transparent. The idea being to bet on so-called ‘girly’ shades, but also delicate, right in the spirit of spring. But the inspiration doesn’t stop there… It’s also about putting the package on romantic-inspired ornaments, from stickers to pearls, sequins, rhinestones, and other nail jewelry (bows, flowers, hearts, stars, lips, etc.). On TikTok, there are hundreds of videos taking up the trend, and they showcase manicures, each more creative – and poetic – than the next.

The return of the girly

In general, girly aesthetics have been unanimous for several months. We first saw it with ‘Barbiecore’, which has established itself as one of the key trends of 2022, and more recently with ‘dollcore’, an ode to dolls from Japanese culture. , the ‘rom-com core’, which is inspired by the romantic comedies of the 2000s, or even the ‘mermaidcore’ which refers – as its name suggests – to mermaids.

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