Medical interns at Pech Merle

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Written by Doug Hampton

In order to fight against desertification due to the lack of health professionals in our countryside, but not only, the Lot department and the intermunicipalities, within the framework of the “Oh my Lot!” program, welcomed, at Pech Merle, interns in medicine, currently working in the Lot. Many of them responded to the invitation, and, in compliance with the rules imposed for safeguarding the cave, two groups visited Pech Merle and were able to appreciate this treasure of Lot’s heritage. Ervelynn Morisset, led the visit for the first group and Thierry Mascarade took charge of the second, both are guides at Pech Merle and shared their knowledge of the contents of the cavity to the delight of visitors. This initiative, which is part of the process of attractiveness of the Lot department, the quality of life and professional opportunities of the territory is also supported by Grand Cahors. In addition to the presence of Serge Rigal, president of the Department, who welcomed everyone, we could note the presence of Jean Marc Vayssouze, mayor of Cahors and president of Grand Cahors, Nelly Ginestet, Maryse Maury, Thierry Cassan, Thierry Chartroux , and of course, Guilhem Clédel, director of Pech Merle. To close this evening, everyone gathered in front of a warm cocktail reception.

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