Saint-Laurent-de-Neste. “Development actors for the benefit of the rural territory”

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Written by Doug Hampton

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The general assembly of the MSA Midi-Pyrénées Sud brought together nearly 300 people at the Maison du savoir in Saint-Laurent-de-Neste around the major theme of health.

It was an almost full room that hosted the general assembly of the MSA, which brings together the departments of Hautes-Pyrénées, Gers, Haute-garonne and Ariège.

The opportunity for managers to meet and discuss various topics even if this year, the debates were concentrated around the theme “Health and territories” as explained by Etienne Ducongé, deputy director of the structure: “We wish have a global approach to health. We want to provide a quality service to our members, locally and for this, we are willing to forge partnerships in order to get closer to rural areas, particularly with regard to the economic aspect. and social”. It is for this reason that organizations such as the CPAM and the Caf were also present at this meeting which discussed the results of the MSA: “We have made very big progress in order to be very reactive with the agricultural world. in the crises it is going through and, at the moment, avian flu. We want to be players in development for the benefit of the inhabitants of rural areas”.

It was first the president of the MSA, Laurence d’Aldéguier, who opened the session and recalled the mission of the MSA: “Acting for families and young people, seniors, for public plans, health , well-being, inclusive territories and the management of the scheme. The unique positioning of our MSA makes it a key player in deploying public policies among the agricultural population and rural territories”.

“The elected officials have embarked on the bath of health”

She then gave the floor to the mayor of the town, Gilbert Carrère, who then expressed his joy at receiving this general meeting and explained how important the issue of health is, more than ever: “I don’t know anything about health but I was elected in 2020 and the pandemic came to disrupt our lives, it impacted everything so we had to get in there and work with everything related to health. we realized that not all the territories are endowed in the same way. At that time, health caught up with us and all the elected officials were obliged to embark on the bath of health and we organized ourselves The lack of health professionals is a national and very real problem in our territories”.

After the welcome speeches, the reading of the activity, mutual and moral reports, round tables were organized with the participation of François-Emmanuel Blan, the general manager of the central fund of the MSA. Around the tables, doctors, Manon Mordelet from the ARS or even the president of the Hautes-Pyrénées territorial health council, Joëlle Abadie. A morning rich in exchanges around a theme that concerns the whole population.

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