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Written by Doug Hampton

Pale complexion, dark circles, hunched shoulders, mastiff mood… One certainty: adolescence has never brought good looks or good humor. A fortiori when we eat anyhow. Admit it… You have serious doubts about the culinary options of your teenager at the high school cafeteria. Fries, ketchup, brownies and spaghetti carbonara on good days? At home, let’s not talk about it. As soon as you give him a few euros, you see flowering, on the coffee table in the living room or in his room, cans of coke, packaging of crisps, tacos and other junk food.

It is far from 5 fruits and vegetables a day! When you talk to him about the need to eat better, he sends you off with a “Don’t worry, I manage” which doesn’t bode well. You will have to play it finely to make it regain a radiant appearance without being taxed as a “dumb” parent.

Smoothie juices are allies of choice in this game of chess between teenagers and parents, the fun-eating of young people against the sad-eating of old people obsessed with health talk.

Fruit and vegetable juice smoothies contain many nutrients that contribute to the nutritional balance of adolescents whose needs are multiplied due to the peak of puberty and hormonal upheavals.

THE calcium (almond, basil, broccoli, cabbage, coriander, watercress, mint, thyme, etc.) and vitamin C (citrus fruits, red fruits, kiwi, parsley, tarragon, lychee, etc.) help strengthen the bone structure and ensure good bone density, essential factors during this period of growth.

THE magnesium (almond, basil, coriander, spinach, ginger, mint, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.) combined with vitamin B6 (avocado, banana, chives, coriander, walnuts, etc.) is a precious ally for emotional balance, undermined by the surge of hormones. They help regulate pressure and stress related to studies and the group of friends.

The needs in iron (almond, basil, parsley, thyme, ginger, mint, coconut, etc.) increase in young people due to the rapid increase in their blood volume and muscle mass.

Receipts Choose fruits and vegetables. Wash, peel and cut them. Put them in a blender and blend. Don’t wait to taste!

Juice “beau gosse belle meuf”: 1mango ¼ cucumber 1 apple 1 lemon drizzle

“Anti-acne juice”: 2 cherry tomatoes, 6 strawberries, 1 slice of watermelon, ¼ cucumber, 1 tablespoon of aloe vera.

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