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Medical deserts: the PCF challenges the ARS and the Prefect



the essential
At the end of a public meeting, about fifty representatives of the Aude Federation of the Communist Party went in procession in front of the buildings of the ARS and the prefecture, in Carcassonne, to read there the “declaration of state emergency” forwarded to these two institutions. Meeting requests are also made.

If they came to Carcassonne because both the ARS and the representative of the State in the department are there, the choice of this community was just as much justified by the sole theme put forward by the Aude representatives. of the Communist Party. With several medical centers preparing to close their doors and the specter of 15,000 people without a doctor from June 2023, the city-prefecture is indeed a blatant illustration of the difficulties of access to care in the department. An eminently urgent file, which the PCF federation also wishes to take head on.

At the end of a public meeting in which around forty people took part, the procession (which also included members of La France Insoumise from the canton of Sigean) then took the road to 14 rue du 4 Septembre, address Carcassonne premises of the Regional Health Agency. It is in front of this building that Denis Renard, member of the federal secretariat, symbolically read the “state of emergency declaration” addressed to the director of the ARS but also to the prefect of Aude. “Aude is particularly affected by medical desertificationcan we read. The number of our fellow citizens who do not have access to a doctor or see their care delayed takes on the dimension of a real health disaster.. In other words : “The urgency is there”. And in this alarming context, the PCF believes that it is returning “to the public authorities, with the ARS”of “take exceptional measures, so as to open up the prospect of restoring equal access to rights”.

The authors of the text first ask for exhaustive information: “To more clearly and transparently determine the needs of the number of doctors, it is essential that the ARS provide precise and reliable statistics”. Exceeding these “abstract acronyms that cut the territory into Zip or Zac”, the federation considers on the contrary that “The Aude department is above all an area to be defended, so that equal access to care can once again prevail in all the cantons”. And the document to address directly to the director of the ARS: “Both to the Aude population and to its elected officials, you must provide statistics that are truly representative of medical demography, an inventory that is a true reflection of the daily difficulties assumed by health users and patients in their search for ‘an attending physician’. For the proponents of this initiative, this “primary requirement” will be the “prior to the establishment of an essential citizen debate which, seriously investigated, will be effective and lead to relevant proposals”. And the Aude Federation concludes by asking to be received “as soon as possible” : “You have to listen and hear the demands of the population”.

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