Castelnau-Magnoac. Magnoac santé held its annual general meeting

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Written by Doug Hampton

Recently, Magnoac santé, in the presence of members of the board of directors, liberal health professionals, institutional partners, the management team and caregivers of the SSIAD, users and carers, through Myriam Cazes-Recurt opened this AGM 2023.

First-rate reminder with the value of the SSIAD, a medico-social service for nearly 39 years to date and there to accompany and treat the person in the activities of their daily life, their social life by identifying the fragilities, in order to prevent and delay the deterioration of his condition. And also facilitate and organize the return home following hospitalization.

Myriam Cazes-Recurt underlined the great dynamics of the group in the Magnoac sector, thanks to thoughtful and adapted professional work, with the search for well-being and the creation of a Quality of Life and Working Conditions Committee.

During the presentation of the activity report, the president thanked the various partners, the liberal health professionals, the home help services (ADMR and independent helpers) the EHPAD and foster family at home, namely CLIC , DAC, RESAPY…

Financial report:

Sabine Correger, administrative manager presented a very stable financial report.

Above all, she let it be known that thanks to the savings efforts (EDF, fuel) the accounts are lightened.

Coming :

Projects for the next two years with the new pricing of SSIADs, intended to better take into account the profile of the accompanied person, with the certification of the service planned for 2024, such as the reflection undertaken on the home autonomy service which will prevail in 2025, and the preparation of responses to various projects still under study.

The president thanked the many participants in this GA and invited everyone around a very friendly buffet.

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