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Written by Doug Hampton

A retired pharmacist, Christian Dumay has always been passionate about the use of medicinal plants, listening to and advising people. It is therefore quite naturally that he decided to open a consulting firm in herbal medicine, which is none other than science using the properties of plants in all their forms. This ancestral medicine can only be practiced officially today by qualified and authorized professionals.

Plants have not yet given up all their secrets, but on the strength of the most recent studies they can use them wisely to improve our daily lives without necessarily having to resort to heavy therapies (although these are essential in certain cases). accurate). We can therefore rejoice that these two therapies coexist positively in the service of our health.

Practitioners in herbal medicine have found that pathologies never occur randomly, they are the result of a lack of balance within our body. Herbal medicine focuses on analyzing the internal systems of the body, namely the immune system, hormones, and neuroendocrine systems, in order to restore their balance using the appropriate plants. Gastrointestinal disorders, for example, often alert us to disorders of external origin.

To learn how to regain well-being and strengthen your health, it is possible to contact Christian Dumay on 07 81 94 74 52 or by email: [email protected].

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