Growing Covert Campaign To Protect Biden From House Republicans

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Written by Doug Hampton

As you are well aware the republicans had an upper hand on their House Majority during the elections and now that the results are declared they are using this majority to give heartburn to the democrats of the Biden Administration.

Several inner groups have been formulated in the past couple of days for this purpose and they are ready to defend Joe Bidden and discredit the Democrats and the other opposing parties despite not knowing for a 100% certainty if Joe Bidden will run for re-election. 

In the past two weeks since elections, States have witnessed the formation of three powerful “War Rooms” and these war rooms are dedicated primarily to conducting investigations of the House Republicans.

All of these rooms are run by the best in the democratic party and are accompanied by multi-millions of dollars of dark money. 

The white House in the past two weeks has been the epitome of several meritless investigations and congressional investigations are not new news for the White House.

The war groups are loaded with a huge money backup that sims at stopping Trump and defending Biden by the democratic donors.

Spread Of Falsified Sensitive Misinformation

The government is also planning to subsidize the public’s opinion on Biden and Trump through these war groups since the election is long over and this public opinion will matter a huge deal when laying the foundation of the successive campaigns.

Growing Covert Campaign To Protect Biden From House Republicans

The major motto of these war groups is presenting the opposition in spreading a wildfire of false narratives and several federal agencies are working on this mission. 

There has been a falsified spread of misinformation that is sensitive and one among them is Hunter Biden.

When there is an absence of an explicit Biden campaign these outside war groups can provide the required PR support and look after the political requirements, preventing the government officials from being directly involved in the politicking and helping them in staying above and beyond in following federal law. 

Many Sham investigations are also conducted as a part of the political agenda although they do not aid the general public at large either directly or indirectly.

Although there is a requirement for public officials to work for the public welfare and not their ones, sham investigations are still a major revolving issue as they fail to work with some of the most important economic agendas like curbing inflation,  keeping a check on the cost of living index, some of these activities which require working with President Biden.

But most of the resources are not allocated to these essential requirements but are wasted in sham investigations. This is a well-known case of hypocrisy on the part of the officials and this has led to the formation of the Congressional Integrity Project.

This project will scrutinize and run a background check and yield a thorough investigation of all the investigators, and hold them accountable when they ignore any urgent priorities for conducting any sham activities.

This project aims to unmask the political intentions and motivations of these investigators. While the Congressional Integrity Project is undertaken by one group, another group has launched the courage for America project. 

This project aims to focus on the legislative personalities of all the members of the House and prevents any hindrance at the roots. The third group is named Facts First and aims to overlook every single nook and corner of the democratic infrastructure. 

Almost seven-figure dark money has been allocated to these war above-mentioned projects. Although Trump has tried impeachment of Biden on several occasions the lack of appropriate evidence has laid him down.

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