Certain Twitter Accounts Will Receive Amnesty From Elon Musk

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Written by Doug Hampton

The American billionaire opted to give a second chance for suspended accounts.

Elon Musk the current CEO of Twitter has decided to initiate amnesty as a part of his new venture at the bird app.

Starting by relaunching the former US president Donald trump who got his account suspended a while ago following a controversial tweet that was mistaken to be promoting violence.

Musk tweeted a poll on whether to review the ban on the president’s account. The poll favoured Trump with 72.4% support among 3.1 million votes. Twitter decides to upgrade its platform to a whole new level.

Elon Musk’s current take on the policy has raised many questions among people. He is known to be the world’s richest man who bought Twitter for 44 billion dollars. 

Suspended Or Banned Accounts Can Be Brought Back

Most Twitter votes were in favor of Amnesty and the voting percentage of users spoke for itself. Most of the accounts that were suspended or banned can be bought back onto the platform without engaging in unnecessary slam or trafficking.

Certain Twitter Accounts Will Receive Amnesty From Elon Musk

Former president Trump’s account can break away from the suspension period and come back to life under Amnesty.

Trump’s Twitter account was banned due to the encouragement of possible threats and violence among people which stated a pure bias towards voters and excluding non-voters out of safety concerns. The voting scenario is controversial and Elon himself admitted the interference of bots during the vote.

Elon stated that trump has the right to express his voice in media and it alienates a large part of the country. Twitter is supposedly a liberal platform and tweets are to inform and educate the audience.

The forum promotes interactivity and unity to an extent so the decision on Amnesty can analyze the situations better than going against accounts that don’t necessarily go by the majority’s support. Elon Musk’s official Twitter with the objective of expanding the freedom of the platform.

An integral part of Twitter was to share opinions and gather information. He privatized Twitter and doesn’t get inclusive with the shareholders.

Celebrities like the pop star Kanye West, Firebrand rep, Marjorie Taylor, and Babylon Bee a satirical conservative activist’s website were privileged to claim their accounts back.

Alex Jones Ban Won’t Be Lifted

Hopefully, the permanently banned account of Alex Jones whose handle was restricted on Twitter due to abusive behavior in can’t get his account as musk claims his ban won’t be lifted.

Since the inception of Elon at Twitter, the app was not everyone’s cup of tea and had multiple criticisms firing multiple employees and extending the working hours which made it difficult for the employees.

There have also been multiple that the workers might resign due to unreal working hours, this has led to a question of whether the application might be boycotted and it’s over. But Elon has been keeping this in place ever since.

He has also suspended multiple accounts because they tweeted or questioned his status. There have been many positives on the bright side including the low amount of hate speech since he took over. His Twitter handle has been much more active compared to before.

Although there are multiple people and opinions for or against Elon Musk the businessman has been ahead of the curve with his other business benefitting the people and making the bird a better place.

Twitter is a platform for free speech and criticism and not a social media for interactions and personal feed updates, The app with around 390 million monthly active users is yet to see new features and changes in the app that Elon still hasn’t implemented since.

Twitter is essential for such intellectuals and the standards have to be kept intact for whoever owns it.

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