The Georgia Election Is Now The Focus Of Republican Hopes For A Senate Majority

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Written by Doug Hampton

Midterm elections are running their course and the results are not announced yet. Now, vote tallies are going on in Nevada and Arizona. There is no clear indication as to who is going to be the winner.

On Friday, the Senate control was still hanging on the thread. It forced all the republicans to put behind the blame game and focused on the majority of Georgia’s Runoff.

If democrats could defend their seats in Nevada and Arizona, the majority seats of the Senate would be decided soon. In case, GOP picks up one of the available seats, there’d be a runoff election by December 6 and then the senate control would be determined.

The Georgia Election Has Redirected Republican Hopes For A Senate Majority

The operatives of the republican party are still expressing their optimism regarding the chances of their party. According to them, they might pick up the seat in Nevada. This positivity is shown even if Arizona’s path looks shaky.

The Georgia Election Is Now The Focus Of Republican Hopes For A Senate Majority

Democrats on the other hand have outperformed, more than they could expect. Now, they are off to a fresh start and believe that they can hold a majority in the elections.

In Arizona, Blake Masters is following democrat contestant Mark Kelly by a margin of 5 points. This 5-point difference is greater than other republican contestants.

Adam Laxalt currently has a lead over Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.

As said by Mark Warner, three Senate seats are still left and as votes are being counted, there are odds that his party will win.

On Thursday, a republican conference was held where Lindsey Graham said that if Laxalt doesn’t win, there must be fraud in the Nevada counting. A mid-day call was scheduled by the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Rick Scott. Graham was heard saying on the call that it is mathematically impossible for Laxalt to lose. If he doesn’t win, it is all a lie.

On the call, it was reported that Haley Barbour, Lindsey Graham, Todd Ricketts, and Newt Gingrich are a part of the co-chairing finance committee at Walker’s campaign.

Gingrich and Graham also informed everyone on the phone call that Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump would be supporting Walker’s campaign. This instilled confidence in their party.

Although, till now there has been no news about any election fraud and all the independent analysts are expecting Cortez Masto to take the front row. This is based on the pending mail votes in the democratic regions of the state. The analysts have said that democrats’ votes reduce Laxalt’s chances by 1,000 votes. This happened after Clark County checked 27,000 mailed ballot votes.

As per the reports, there was a libertarian candidate who siphoned off votes by 2%. This stopped Raphael Warnock and Walker from gaining over 50% of the votes. The step prevented a runoff.

This week, many republicans have pointed fingers at Donald Trump because of the disappointing midterm elections. Since the republican senate is already divided regarding the campaign approach, the bickering is postponed until after the runoff.

Since Scott has failed to win the seats in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, he now cannot challenge Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader.

After the conference call, the senate offices of the Republican party received a mail from NRSC. It included the points about Georgia runoff and Herschel Walker. It also involved seeking support from the members to act as the substitute for Walker for a few weeks. One of the points said that there were some losses but there is still a chance to win with a majority.

What happens at the end of the midterm elections is yet to see.

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