Castelsarrasin. Home maintenance: the Apas 82 in AG this Thursday

Home Castelsarrasin. Home maintenance: the Apas 82 in AG this Thursday
Written by Doug Hampton

The Promotion, Autonomy and Health 82 (APAS 82) association is organizing its general assembly (GA) this Thursday, May 25, at 3:30 p.m., at the headquarters of the structure located on boulevard du 4-Septembre. Chaired by Patrick Malphettes, this meeting will present the moral, activity and financial reports but also, relay the orientation report, elect the outgoing third of the board of directors (CA) and possibly welcome new directors.

Marie Almayrac, director of APAS 82, will focus on four schemes deployed in 2022 and whose common theme was prevention: respite stay project for young caregivers in 82, itinerant health prevention project entitled Proxi’santé 82, project related to the quality of life and working conditions of APAS professionals 82, project related to the establishment of autonomous teams within the help and support service at residence. Board members will unveil the new association project worked on at the end of the year.

New orientations defined for 5 years will be presented to the members. These will be evaluated each year at the time of the GA for the duration of the associative project.

This annual meeting is open to members, but also more broadly to elected officials, institutions, partners and anyone who would like to get to know APAS 82 better.

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