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Written by Doug Hampton

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What solutions for access to care in Aude? This is the subject which the PCF Audois wishes to debate on May 13 at the foyer of the Dome “to stop medical desertification and allow access to care everywhere and for all”.

“Currently, for 60,000 inhabitants in the Carcassonne basin, instead of 52 officially registered general practitioners, only 28 practice general medicine as attending physicians. Among them, 50% are over 60 years old and 25% are over 70 years old. It is impossible for them to follow everyone. This territory is particularly affected by medical desertification, long underestimated by the CPAM and the ARS with a discrepancy that questions “, launches Sylvie Vilas, departmental secretary of the PCF of Aude and regional councilor. Access to care having become an obstacle course, the communists sought to obtain information directly “to the source” with field surveys. On the side of Limoux and the Haute Vallée, the PCF counts out of 41,397 inhabitants only 27 doctors. “Seven of them are over 65 and 14 are over 60. There are 4,391 patients over 17 and 585 patients over 70 without a doctor. This means that in five years the situation is going to become dramatic, the finding is worrying for our region”, adds Marie Ange Larruy, secretary of the Limoux section and departmental adviser. On the side of Haut Minervois, which has almost 16,000 inhabitants, the Communists have identified seven doctors spread over six villages, or one doctor for 2,000 inhabitants. “The national average is below 1,000 patients per doctor”indicates Denis Renard, secretary of this section. “The ARS statistics do not satisfy us. The number of general practitioners does not correspond to the number of general practitioners.” The PCF will therefore organize a public meeting on Saturday, May 13, at the foyer of the Dome at 9 a.m. The PCF will present its proposals at 10.30 a.m., in particular that of developing health centers with salaried doctors, “we know that this new mode of exercise meets the expectations of younger generations”. At 11:30 a.m., the meeting is given at the Rocher de la Lutte for the filing of an interpellation with the ARS and the Prefecture. The meeting will be followed by a convivial aperitif in the foyer for exchanges and debates.

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