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Written by Doug Hampton

Lider Diabète an association of the LionshClub de France” informs about diabetes by saying “we all have around us a friend, a relative, a relation who has a little diabetes. But there is no small diabetes… It is a frequent, sneaky and serious disease. It is the consequence of a major defect in the regulation of glycemia (glycemia level in the blood). 4 million French people are affected. It is the 1st chronic disease in France, ahead of cancer and hypertension (source IDF AtlasDiabère 2021). A sneaky disease because it has been silent for a long time, it develops over many years without anyone realizing it… 1,000,000 people in France are diabetics without knowing it. Screening takes on its full importance here because detecting unrecognized cases means: not letting the disease progress without treating it; take care of it early; avoid future complications. Diabetes, a serious disease because misunderstood, neglected or treated too late, exposes it to many complications: heart attack, arteritis and amputation, progressive blindness, kidney failure and dialysis… It is therefore necessary to be screened without delay.

Consult your doctor and/or pharmacist because “the sooner diabetes is detected, the sooner you treat yourself and the longer your life will be!

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