Arizona Governor’s Race: Democrat Katie Hobbs Defeats Republican Kari Lake

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Written by Doug Hampton

Hail long for the strong women’s power of Katie Hobbs! And that holds true for this time’s Arizona governor race. With Democrat Katie Hobbs dead eating republic Kari Lake in Hotly, we can proudly say she won the governor’s race over Trump-backed Republican. 

Yes, you heard it right. The people of Arizona chose Democrat Katie Hobbs over Trump-backed Republican Kari Lake for the hotly contested Arizona governor race, and this time with her fair share defeat.

It took a lot of ballot counting and more when Arizona announced its governor as Democrat Karie Hobbs. She has finally been declared the governor of Arizona in the hotly contested race. 

Democratic Katie Hobbs Defeats Republican Kari Lake In The Race For Governor Of Arizona

The race was against the election denying and Trump’s backed Republican Kari Lake. The latter was properly endorsed by former United State Of America president Donald Trump but she couldn’t get the lead! According to the race call by the associated press, she was backed by Trump but lost the bets.

Arizona Governor's Race Democrat Katie Hobbs Defeats Republican Kari Lake

To talk about the Democrats, spent a lot on their campaigns in Arizona. It is a victory relief to the Arizona Democrats as they had their good share of success. The campaign wronged their hands over Hobbs.

Hobbs is the current Secretary of State in Arizona and she defeated the made-for-TV Lake. The latter spent 22 years at the local Fox affiliate. She was the news anchor there but got defeated by the former.

If you follow the social media polls, and other surveys online it clearly indicated that Kari Lake was leading the lead. She was already ahead of the race but look how the tables turned.

Lake also showed a knack for garnering the headlines. She did a lot of campaigns where the person was also antagonizing reporters. 

To talk about her agenda and practices, Kari Lake promised to declare an invasion on the southern border. She also said to voice support for the State’s pre-statehood abortion ban.

She clearly ran unabashedly pro-agenda of Trump and endorsed his primaries. Unlike most of Trump’s campaigns, Kari Lake also showed the same and promised the vision of how it will make Arizona better.

She followed the primary and also boasted a stake in the heart of the McCain machine. Boasting of driving, it was an unfriendly nod to Arizona’s conservative establishments. It has been now overrun by allies of Trump in the area. 

To talk about the winner Katie Hobbs adopted something simple, traditional, and appealing that the people of Arizona definitely got impressed by. Her campaign was far more subdued and traditional and she lectured the people on the difference between sanity and chaos. 

Her approach was liked by all, it wasn’t all debatable as she was going for a simpler approach to dealing with chaos rather than disturbing the sanity of the state.

Her campaigns, just like those of every Democrat, were simple and effective. People could connect with Katie Hobbs and hence elected her the winner in the end. 

But it was not all rainbows and butterflies for the winner. Katie Hobbs faces a lot of withering criticism. Why? She didn’t want to debate with Lake and hence made national headlines. Her focus was simple- to message people about her traditional approach. 

She dealt and connected with cross-party lines and appealed to the most influential voters of Arizona. She also targeted people who are tired of Trump and hence was announced as the winner in the end.

And that is how you roll in elections- at least that is what we learned from Katie Hobbs. She was simple and traditional and won the race. 

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