3 UVA Football Players Shot Dead: Student Suspect In Custody

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Written by Doug Hampton

Three football players from the University of Virginia were found dead and a former player has been taken into custody for association with these murders.

Last Sunday, a manhunt was conducted by police in Charlottesville where the UVA’s ex-student was convicted. He has been linked to the murders and wounding of two students.

The president of the University of Virginia, Jim Ryan said that three football players were shot dead. They included Lavel Davis Junior of South Carolina – Dorchester, Devin Chandler of North Carolina – Huntersville, and D’Sean Perry of Miami.

Christopher Darnell Jones Junior Identified As Suspect

According to the police authorities, Christopher Darnell Jones Junior was identified as the killer. He was arrested by the policemen before 11 in the morning, without any incident. The arrest took place in Henrico County, Virginia.

3 UVA Football Players Shot Dead Student Suspect In Custody

Jones, who is merely 22 was arrested by Tim Longo, police chief of Virginia. After the arrest, he was charged with three times of handgun use in felony and three second-degree murder charges.

Christopher Jones was a freshman who was on the 2018 roster team. According to his roster bio, he has played for Varina High School, Virginia, and Peterburg High School.

The president of UVA said that along with three murdered people, two were shot and are now hospitalized. One of them is in a critical situation and the other one is in a good condition. Although Jim Ryan did not identify the hospitalized people.

He also said that the shooting incident happened on the school’s charter bus when the students were coming back from a field trip to the campus. He said that the entire accident was shocking, sad, and tragic for the entire university community.

Jim Ryan has shown his condolences to the victims and their families.

The father of one of the injured students said that his son was shot in the back but is not in stable condition.

Mike Hollin’s mother Brenda Hollins said that her son is a fighter and the signs are visible in the way he is recovering. She told her story to the Associated Press, the hospital has good doctors who are working continuously for his recovery. Also, they have God’s grace and hands by his side.

Tony Elliott, the football coach of the Virginia team also gave a statement saying that his entire team is suffering from heartbreak and devastation.

He also said that he is at a loss for words and the tragic event that has ended the lives of Devin, Lavel, and D’Sean. Elliott said that the football players were young and had a bright future and so many aspirations ahead of them.

This has put a stop to everything. The team is feeling heartache for the family members, classmates, and friends of the deceased. They were precious and were taken away too soon. The kids inspired everyone around, them and worked hard for the university, program, and community as a whole. Rest in peace.

As Ryan explained the incident, he said that all the students were on a bus and coming back from Washington D.C. It was a field trip and everyone was enjoying and having a meal together. Shortly, someone decided to act violently and shot the students.

The day is unimaginably sad for the entire community and everyone is grieving. Several students of the University of Virginia gathered for the vigil and came to the South lawn campus.

Everyone lit candles and sat down to mourn the students who lost their lives. It is indeed a sad time for all Virginia University students and it will take time to get over it.

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