Tulsa King Review: Sylvester Stallone’s Charisma Can’t Save It

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Written by Doug Hampton

After giving a mind-blowing and successful season of Yellowstone, the famous producer Sheridan is all set to build a strategy for developing an exciting plot for Tulsa king.

The basic idea is basically to cast veteran movie stars. The production team has decided to launch Stallone in Tulsa king, and audiences have got an opportunity to witness this star’s fantastic performance after this show’s release. 

The plot and the storyline are impressive and unique to attract the audience’s attention. The performance of Stallon has been responsible for increasing the Expectations of the fans for the upcoming season so far.

This show of Tulsa king has received mixed reviews from the audience. The plot and the storyline have been discussed in the following way. 

What Are The Plot And The Storyline Of The Show? 

Stallone is playing the role of Eisenhower. He is released from prison after 25 years, and it is a different world for him to experience after so many years.

Tulsa King Review Sylvester Stallone's Charisma Can't Save It

The plot tries to proceed with the different types of struggles he has to face after returning from prison. This fantastic actor’s performance was the only ray of hope in the series. He recalls his past. 

He still remembers how he had to leave and go into a state of exile in Ohio. And now, when he is back, he probably has no one and is all alone in this world.

He also wishes to be put back in prison once again. The latter part of the show revolves around the different experiences he has to suffer from in his life, which may also be very embarrassing to quote. 

What Are The Reviews? 

It is essential to mention that according to the review of the audience, this plot and the storyline are very dull and cringy. It is not even feasible to relate this story to the parts which have already been released. The dialogues have been poorly narrated and delivered.

This plot is not acceptable to the audience because there is nothing unique about it, and at the same time, it has so many loopholes and gaps. One scene cannot be connected with the other. 

People have different views about how the movie has washed away all the Expectations. Many people were even able to state that the decision of the production department to cast the senior actors was not in a position to save the sinister plot of the movie.

Even the TRP received by this show is not very promising. It is doubtful that the new season will be released anytime soon based on the critics who received this show. This particular aspect must be taken into Accord at every cost. 


For the time being the movie has failed to impress the audience. None of the audience is basically satisfied after watching the movie because this wasn’t expected out of it at all. The producers however have informed us that the new season would be back with a bang.

It will be interesting to see whether this new season would be able to impress the audience or if it would fail terribly like this season. All of the factors must be taken into consideration at every point in time in order to evaluate the context of the movie so that a better decision could be made with respect to investing your time in the same or not.

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