Walker Criticizes The GOP’s “Deceptive Fundraising” In The Georgia Election

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Written by Doug Hampton

The political situation in the country of the United States of America is in very bad shape for the time being. The politicians from the Republican political party have associated with different groups and committees to send desperate fundraising emails.

The most important intention behind such a kind of email is the need to fight the candidates of the Democratic political party for the upcoming elections in Georgia. 

The candidate on behalf of the Republican Party is none other than Walker. He is standing in opposition to Raphael, who is the candidate on behalf of the democratic party.

It is very uncertain for the time being what would be the amount of total money that would be provided to republicans with the help of this campaign. Not only this but also the most important concern being raised by Walker is the utilization of this fund.

There have been reported practices according to which deceptive methods are being used by the political party’s unauthorized candidates to raise additional funds.

All of this money should also be shared with the candidate. Even those who have donated to this campaign are unsure what portion would go to the candidate. 


This is why an appeal is being made to reduce the incidence of deceptive fundraising. The appeal has also been made by the former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

Walker Criticizes The GOP's "Deceptive Fundraising" In The Georgia Election

According to him, this is the last chance for Americans to save America in the year 2022. Hence, they can contribute any amount to see the effective implementation of results in the upcoming year by 1200%.

Republicans are also trying to increase awareness among the donors to be conscious concerning the utilization of the donated funds. Demanding a sufficient allocation at this point is necessary. 

Actual Results

90% of the contributions to the public parties have been utilized for unauthorized purposes, and there is no record with respect to how the same has been utilized. Only 10% of these contributions have gone to the actual candidate.

As for the latest update, the committees have changed the allocation to a 50-50 pattern. This would be the position to provide better access to funds to the candidate so that he can also fight against his opposition.

It is important to increase the transparency and confidence of the voters so that they do not deviate from the actual results. 

This is something that must be taken into consideration at every cost. The most important reason why people want this kind of transparency is to see whether the money is going to the right people and is being used for only legitimate purposes.

If this transparency is provided to the public, then their trust and faith in the Dynamics of the political party will automatically increase.

Only with the help of these factors will it become easy for the candidate to defeat the opposition with flying colors. Sufficient changes have been made across the portal to incorporate the given intention and Idea. 


Elections are considered to be very tough and testing times for any country. It is only with the help of sufficient policy-making and intelligence that a better Manifesto can be developed so that public faith is not lost but rather enhanced over this time.

This is going to be a very useful phenomenon that must be taken into consideration in order to decide on the upcoming policy programs.

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