Will Hair-straightening Chemical Products Increase Uterine Cancer Risk?

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Written by Doug Hampton

The appliances, which were an integral part of the daily life of the women, might turn out to be their biggest nightmares. In one of the recent studies, a shocking revelation has been made in this regard. The researchers of the Institutes of the United States of America followed a total of 34000 Americans for more than 10 years to discover a relationship between hair straightening chemical products and the risk of developing uterine cancer. 

According to the study, women who use hair straighteners have a higher chance of developing uterine cancer than women who do not use such products. Uterine cancer has become a recent phenomenon that has affected the life of a lot of women. Uterine cancer takes a toll on the reproductive health of women.

The study has discovered the use of the different types of chemical products used in hair straighteners. These products have some inherent properties that are carcinogenic to the human body.

What Do The Statistics Say About This? 

All the women who had never used straighteners had a 1.64 percent chance of developing uterine cancer. But the women who had used straighteners frequently throughout their lifetime had a 4.5% chance of developing uterine cancer after 70. The research also depicted a demographic element. 

Hair-straightening Chemical Products Increase Uterine Cancer Risk

The risk of developing uterine cancer due to using hair straighteners was higher in women with ethnic backgrounds. Black women probably had more possibility of developing uterine cancer. Even in the study of 34000 women, 60% of the women were black. Around 57% of the women tested for uterine cancer, nearly 65% are black. The exact cause for which straighteners are causing cancer has also been discovered so far. 

What Are The Causes? 

The study discovered that the chemical produced by hair straighteners to straighten hair is one of the most important factors in causing uterine cancer. This report also suggested that ovary and breast cancer can also be caused due to excessive exposure to the chemical produced by hair straighteners. 

These chemicals include metals and parabens. A tinge of bisphenol and formaldehyde found in the chemical can also increase the risk of uterine cancer in women. These Chemicals are famous for producing endocrine-disrupting properties. All of these chemicals induce abnormalities in the cell, due to which uterine cancer can develop and affect the reproductive health of the women. 

Due to the excessive dependence on hair straighteners, the intake of Chemicals has almost doubled in recent years. According to the statistics, the incidence of uterine cancer has almost doubled in the past decade. It has been responsible for the generation of a relationship between the increasing dependence on hair straighteners and the increasing possibility of developing the symptoms of uterine cancer. 

Features Of The Study

The study has brought forward the issues that women have been ignoring for all these years. Cancer is a type of problem which does not even produce symptoms initially. That is why every kind of preventive measure must be taken so far.

The study results have been published in the National Cancer Institute Journal. The results have been taken into consideration. All of these results have prompted the scientist to conduct further analysis concerning the availability of a treatment that could reduce the side effects of the Chemicals produced by the straighteners.  


This is one of the most important aspects that must be considered. It has made women conscious of the choices concerning the use of straighteners. This risk of uterine cancer is grave enough to motivate women to reduce or discard the use Of these hair straighteners so that the negative effects could be prevented in the long run. 

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