Wave Petunias Highlights 4 Science-Backed Ways Flowers can Improve Overall Wellness

Home Wave Petunias Highlights 4 Science-Backed Ways Flowers can Improve Overall Wellness
Written by Doug Hampton

WEST CHICAGO, Ill., May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Most people smile when they see a colorful, sweet-smelling garden of flowers, but the health and happiness benefits last long after that! From improved mood to lowered anxiety, psychologists studying well-being believe in the power of flowers.

This article covers four science-backed benefits that prove flowers could be a life hack for health and happiness.

A Lasting Impact on Happiness
It makes sense that one would feel happier after adding bright, vibrant flowers to a garden, but science has officially confirmed this feeling as a fact! A recent behavioral study concluded that individuals expressed “true” smiles around fresh flowers and reported a genuine lift in their mood.

For anyone looking to brighten someone’s day, gifting beautiful petunias is a great place to start. Because the recipient will regularly look at their garden, they’ll enjoy heightened happiness all summer!

Relief from Anxiety and Depression
We’re certainly not claiming that flowers are a cure for a clinical diagnosis. However, psychologists have started to recognize and promote the benefits of flowers for reducing stress and anxiety levels.

A significant amount of research has shown that when people look at flowers, they get a boost in mood, energy, and happiness while also experiencing a decrease in feelings of agitation, depression, and what we would simply call “the blues.” So the next time someone could use a pick-me-up, consider scheduling a day to plant bright and beautiful petunias.

Increased Creativity
According to a study released by the Society of American Florists (SAF), experts recorded a boost – up to 15% – in creative, flexible solutions when flowers were present.

Adding fresh flowers could be a helpful work-from-home creativity hack for home offices overlooking a section of the backyard or one with windows positioned toward the garden.

Read more about the findings here.

Enhanced Purpose and Fulfilling Responsibility
It might sound backward, but adding responsibilities to someone’s daily routine can make them feel calmer and more in control. Furthermore, caring for a living thing that requires particular attention to survive provides a specific type of satisfaction.

That means taking a stroll outside to water plants on a spring or summer day can help improve happiness even after hanging up the hose and going on with the rest of the day. 

Find Flowers That Increase Happiness and Life Satisfaction
Happiness grows whenever there’s a garden of bright, vibrant flowers! Find a Wave retailer and discover which styles can add mood-boosting positivity throughout the day, season, and year.

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