Vladimir Putin In ‘Incredibly Difficult Position’ In Ukraine War: Joe Biden Says

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Written by Doug Hampton

Putin is in an ‘incredibly difficult position’ in the Ukraine conflict, according to Biden. He was quoted as saying that he believes Vladimir Putin is in a difficult situation. That is what Vice President Joe Biden told reporters at the White House. It also appears to him that the only tool at his disposal is to brutalize individual Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainian citizens. to intimidate them into submission. They will not do so.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in an “incredibly difficult position” in Ukraine, according to US Vice President Joe Biden, and has run out of options other than “brutalizing” civilians into surrender. These remarks were made by the president after analyzing what Putin is up to. No matter how many laws or amendments come forward, it is just fueling the fire. 

Putin Declares Martial Law In Annexed Ukrainian Regions

It is shown as a new phase of the war that is not terrifying the citizens. Biden’s remarks came just hours after Putin signed a decree declaring martial law in the recently annexed Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia.

Vladimir Putin In 'Incredibly Difficult Position' In Ukraine War Joe Biden Says

In recent weeks, Kyiv’s forces have made gains, while Moscow has called up more reservists and launched new attacks in Ukraine, including Kyiv, in response to an explosion on a strategic bridge connecting Russia to Crimea, which it illegally annexed in 2014.

Rolling blackouts begin as Russia ‘likely seriously considers withdrawing from a portion of Kherson Electricity supply restrictions will be implemented throughout Ukraine beginning Thursday in response to repeated attacks on critical infrastructure; Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claims 233 “kamikaze drones” were shot down.

Russia launched its most devastating attack on Kyiv this week, killing and injuring some of those still in the capital and crippling vital infrastructure. The latest episode of the Sky News Ukraine War Diaries podcast highlights the toll of the attack and the panic that ensued. The public heard seven bombs, seven missiles, and seven hits. 

Ilyas Verdiev, who witnessed the attack from his apartment in Kyiv’s center, also explained it. He also noticed smoke rising from the buildings and that some people were without power. Some people do not have access to water. The missile hit the road and crossed not far from his son’s kindergarten. This was a very upsetting statement for him to make. Fortunately, he is relieved that they are no longer present and will not have to witness this. In the days following the Russian invasion, Verdiev’s wife and two sons fled to Poland. And, because Kyiv has not suffered on the same scale as other Ukrainian cities, the attack has resulted in its emotional upheaval.

In October, Russia increased airstrikes on major Ukrainian cities, most likely in response to the bombing of the Kerch Bridge, which connected Russian-occupied Crimea to the mainland, but also in response to its inability to thwart a Ukrainian ground offensive. 

Moscow claims it is targeting energy supply infrastructure and military hubs, but it has also bombarded residential areas and schools. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said earlier this week that 30% of Ukraine’s power plants had been destroyed.

A Russian missile barrage has been targeting civilian targets across Ukraine. The attacks have spread to Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and other cities. They aren’t, however, indiscriminate. 

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stated that the primary target was energy facilities across the country. This is the other war: the energy war, which has been ongoing since the beginning of time. A war for Ukraine, but also for Europe, including the United Kingdom.

Nobody knows the result, but we can surely pray and hope for peace sometime soon. Reach out to any family/friends you know in Ukraine–We stand with the country. 

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