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Valady. Hygiénavie inaugurates the Maison sport santé



Recently, the Hygiénavie center inaugurated the “Maison Sport Santé” label obtained in December 2022. The ceremony took place in the presence of MP Stéphane Mazars, Brigitte Montero representing the DSDEN, Sylvain Couffignal, departmental councilor and mayor of Nauviale, Christian Gomez, vice-president of the community of communes Conques-Marcillac, as well as members and partners of the association. Céline Giraud, coordinator of the establishment, presented the Maison Sport santé concept, “a place offering personalized physical activity, regular assessments of each person’s progress and abilities, a practice adapted to pathologies and directly dependent on individual assessments. The objective of labeling is to make (re) discover the practice of physical activity and bring together the actors of sport and those of health”. The program, personalized and adapted, consists of two assessments (initial and final) and thirteen sessions of collective and/or individual physical activity. Interventions take place at Hygiénavie or outside (individuals, clubs, care or social structures, companies, etc.). “Our missions by obtaining this label are to inform, raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity, provide safe support and guide towards the practice of regular physical activity. Sedentary lifestyle being one of the leading causes of death in France, it is a public health and quality of life issue” Within Hygiénavie, it is Hugo Chabbert, teacher in adapted physical activity (APA) who is in charge of this sector.

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