Updates On The Midterms: Biden Claims That The Red Wave “Didn’t Happen” 

Home Updates On The Midterms: Biden Claims That The Red Wave “Didn’t Happen” 
Written by Doug Hampton

Control of the House seems likely to be secured by the Republicans while the fate of the Senate will have to be settled by the December runoff in Georgia. 

President Biden maintained an air of optimism surrounding his campaign as the Republican “red wave” predicted by the press and pundits didn’t happen. 

From the White House, the President shared his happiness with the performance of his Democratic party at an extended news conference. It was a good day for democracy and a good day for America according to him.

He added that our democracy was being tested in recent years but the votes of the American people have proven that democracy is embodied within us.

Midterms Updates: Biden Claims That The Red Wave “Didn’t Happen,” Next Year’s Election Will Be Decided

However, six crucial House seats went to Republicans who seemingly have an easier path to the majority than the Democrats. How the Democrats perform in Colorado, Washington, California, New Mexico, and Arizona could determine their outcome.

Updates On The Midterms Biden Claims That The Red Wave Didn't Happen 

Whether the Democrats will secure Senate control will be decided by how Mark Kelly of Arizona, and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada, two of their endangered candidates, would perform in retaining their seats.

Senator Mark Kelly is a former astronaut who built a national profile as a gun safety advocate and he is contesting against the Republican Trump-backed venture capitalist, Blake Masters. Senator Kelly seems to be leading the race there.

In Nevada, Republican and Trump Candidate Adam Laxalt, a former attorney general, is ahead of the current Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. Although Laxalt seems to be in front, the election results are expected to be tight. 

If only one of them manages to retain their position, then we would see a runoff in Georgio next month which could be an exhilarating race in the country. 

The Republicans need two more seats to secure control of the upper chamber with their 49 seats as opposed to the 48 of the Democrats. The Party seems to be all set to rule the House of Representatives with their current collection of 207 seats against the Democrats’ 188. 

One of the hot debates based on which the Midterms were sure to be impacted was the abortion rights issue, which proved decisive in many battles already. Democratic candidates across the nation were roused by the issue, especially in Michigan, and voters in California and Vermont voted to uphold the abortion protections dictated in the Roe v. Wade ruling. 

Inflation was another key issue of debate in the election race that was perplexing for the Democrats to conjure a convincing response. Soaring prices for gasoline, groceries, and housing were considered one of the key questions looming over the Midterms. Unfortunately for the Democrats, blaming the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the cause of the rocketing oil prices didn’t carry weight as intended. 

If the Republicans win either chamber of Congress, they can then block the president’s agenda. The congressional investigations into the Biden administration are set to commence in the White House

Extending an olive branch, Mr. Biden said that he was prepared to work with Republicans and would host bipartisan talks in the coming week. 

Biden’s Re-election Plans:

President Joe Biden stated at the White House press conference that although he intends to run for re-election, the final decision will be made by early next year.  He will turn 80 on the 20th of this month and said that he was not in any hurry to announce his re-election plans for 2024.

The President made it clear that he and his Democratic Party did intend to contest him again regardless of the outcome of the Midterms. He added that although everyone wants him to run again next term, he would be discussing it. 

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