Midterm Elections Have Seen A Wave Of Victories For Abortion Rights

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Written by Doug Hampton

The midterm election of 2022 in America has triggered one of the most important issues that have been prevalently addressed in the country for the better part of the last 4 months, the issue of abortion. As far as the election was concerned abortion was an issue that had the potential to overturn votes and lead someone to victory.

People have started forming riots holding pamphlets and urging the government to make abortion legal and safe. When the general public was asked what would be the most deciding factor of the votes they were going to cast in the ballots, over 25% of the people cited Abortion as the most important issue that mattered when it comes to deciding whom to elect. 

Midterm Elections Have Seen A Rush Of Victories For Abortion Rights

The issue of abortion was even more pressing than inflation which proved its importance. The primary reason behind this issue is that the more strict the abortion rules were in a state, the worse the health of the woman and children in those states, depriving its people of all health outcomes.

Midterm Elections Have Seen A Wave Of Victories For Abortion Rights

The majority of the population including men and women were disappointed when the 1973  Roe vs Wade ruling was overturned as it significantly affected the democratic right of a woman and threatened their rights and safety. Many women started feeling like they were living in a slave nation instead of a democratic country and this threatened the relationship between the government and the general public. 

A nation can flourish only when its people are happy, safe, and comfortable and the overturning of the Roe Vs, Wade disrupted this peace and affected the entire economy. Hence, when the campaigns of Election 2022 emerged, more than 75% of the people wanted guaranteed abortion rights from the government, and these were recorded by all the polls.

The ultimate ruling of the 2022 elections entirely depended on the government’s ability to guarantee abortion rights to women. Normally the midterm elections in the US did not have a higher turnout ratio but this year it was not the case. This is the first election in the post-Roe era and it had an impact of swinging votes in favor of parties that supported abortion rights. 

Three of the most important states of the nation including California, Michigan, and Vermont have made guarantees that access to abortion procedures will be made for certain and promised to provide constitutional protections.

Earlier during the overturning of Roe, many opposed abortion rights stating such a constitutional right does not exist in the state but the Kentucky voters opposed this statement and delivered a surprising win.

The general public in all of these states has also got an upper hand and started the states have no say when protection is absent at the federal level. In Michigan, “Reproductive freedom” was amended as a constitutional right, and women were given the choice of going through with an abortion without restrictions.

California already supported abortion but during the election, this support was made even stronger. By acquiring the support of the three most important states, post-Roe victories were witnessed by the entire nation.

This was one of the victorious days for the people of America since the overturning of the Roe vs Wade judgment in June and voters from different parts of the state and different political spectrums, the major advocators of reproductive rights, were the reason behind this surprise win.

The primary reason behind the emphasis of abortion supportive measures is to ensure that abortion is not a partisan issue but rather it is an issue of liberty and freedom.

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