The link between bone health and microbiota

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Written by Doug Hampton

American researchers once again point to the connection between these two elements.

Acting on the microbiota to prevent bone loss is known, but still recent.

Researchers from the American Forsythe Institute conducted a study on rodents that had stayed on the International Space Station to understand how gravity impacts bone health.

Study results

Relayed by Health Magazinehis results again reveal the important part played by the intestinal microbiota in our health.

What the scientists were able to observe was the increase in the presence of two families of bacteria in the stools of mice that had stayed in space.

Molecules promoting bone growth

And these bacteria would thus be able to produce molecules that stimulate bone growth. Blood tests confirmed this conclusion, revealing their presence.

What to expect from these results? New treatments against osteoporosis could be developed by providing these bacteria to the intestinal microbiota.

The preponderant role of the intestinal microbiota

Let us recall what is the role of the microbiota. As we know, our intestine includes countless microorganisms: bacteria, yeasts and fungi make up what is also called the intestinal flora. Certainly it is essential for us to digest and assimilate nutrients, but the microbiota also plays in favor of our immune system.

And very recently, the presence of neurons in our intestine has been discovered. A nervous system in its own right called the enteric nervous system and which constitutes a second nervous system of the organism.

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