The day of action of the Gré at the EPAHD of Fumel

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Written by Doug Hampton

The Fumel EHPAD, partner of the Gré (Ethical Reflection Group), will welcome you on Tuesday May 30 from 2:30 p.m., Cantou room, for an afternoon of discussions where several themes will be discussed, including: EHPAD, fashion of employment, non-maleficence, let’s talk about it, the Social Life Council, establishment projects, support for families on a daily basis, etc.

For this year 2023, the Gré wishes to promote strong action towards the families of our elders for whom the last 3 years of the fight against the pandemic have strained the relationship between caregivers and families/caregivers/friends.

Communication faults and lack of readability have dug the bed of uncertainty, doubt and suspicion in the means committed to the care of residents.

Moreover, the recent scandals related to the denunciation of institutional abuse have only accentuated the dissensus, induces conflicts and produced obscurity in the thoughts of the families.

This action therefore aims to provide transparency and dialogue, without jargon, to clarify what underlies the very essence of the nursing profession and is proven in its intention: the principle of non-maleficence. This directs actions concerning health and illness towards the well-being of people. Non-maleficence is expressed, for example, through various provisions related to human rights (freedom to come and go, to an affective and intimate life, etc.)

This day of action on May 30 will thus make it possible to open the debate and create moments of exchange on important themes at the heart of everyone’s concerns.

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