Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reverses Course And Acknowledges Hiring Philadelphia Migrant Bus

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Written by Doug Hampton

People who are going to the Asylum out of Texas are sent to several destinations, including New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott said that a bus of migrants was coming to Philadelphia. He announced this on Tuesday. Philadelphia has become another destination for people seeking admission to an asylum.

The bus was heading from Del Rio, Texas, and had to arrive on Wednesday morning at the 30th Street Station.

Greg Abbott, who is a republican released a statement saying that he doesn’t like the administrative border policies set by Joe Biden. He also said that Texas is not prepared for the sudden influx of migrants.

He further added that Texas will keep on adding more cities as their drop-off locations. This would be done until Biden’s administration doesn’t perform its duties and provide sustainable border security to American and Texas citizens.

Before agreeing to his actions, Greg denied organizing a migrant bus that took them from Mexico to Philadelphia. Then he confirmed that he was the deciding factor behind this U-turn and charter.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reversals Position And Admits Chartering Philadelphia Migrant Bus

The bus that took a U-turn had approximately 30 people. It left on Tuesday for Philadelphia and even the officials of the city confirmed that the bus was coming their way.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reverses Course And Acknowledges Hiring Philadelphia Migrant Bus

This came to light after days of keeping the authorities in dark. Then there was a tipoff about the bus. This information was leaked from the community partner organization.

Although Philadelphia people knew about the arrival, they didn’t know who was sending the bus or when it would be arriving in the city and when it was leaving the Del Rio border. The officials said that nobody from the city coordinated with them.

According to the sources, the charter was about to depart last week but it was somehow delayed and the reason was unknown.

The governor of Texas said in a statement that Jim Kenney, the mayor of Philadelphia has always fought for the city’s sanctuary status. This makes it a perfect place to be added to the list of drop-off locations.

As for the city, Philadelphia said that it would welcome all the migrants and the preparation for this day has been going on for months.

The city released a statement saying that what Governor Greg Abbott has done is disgraceful and that his administration has continuously used immigrant families to introduce cruel policies.

The families have children and women and they are being used as pawns to instigate his political agenda. Immigrants have always faced cruelty and racism in the country.

To prepare the shelter space, bring food, water, health kits, and more; around 15 community organizations in the local space are working continuously.

Last September, Greg Abbott released a statement saying that he is already devising a plan to add more cities to the list of the bus program.

He said that many other cities would be welcoming migrants. This is because Joe Biden is continuously allowing illegal immigrants to enter the Texas border.

Abbott has already sent around 300 buses to the cities and spent approximately $26 million on the program. This means $86,000 has been spent on every bus.

Some officials have also reported that many migrants have changed their route and halted in other states. There were only three individuals who came to Pennsylvania.

How To Help?

Mayor’s Fund and Office of Immigrant Affairs have started a Philadelphia Welcoming Fund. This will enable the residents to contribute to the efforts and help the refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers. You can donate there!

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