Temple-sur-Lot. Retired firefighters visit the conservatory

Home Temple-sur-Lot. Retired firefighters visit the conservatory
Written by Doug Hampton

Friday morning, while their wives are discovering the commanderie temple and its surroundings, retired members of the departmental union of firefighters of Dordogne veteran sections visit the premises of the conservatory of old firefighters’ equipment and agricultural machinery. “It’s great, I didn’t imagine that. You’re doing a great job” confides the treasurer of the section. This particular museum extends over 4,000 m2. The visit is carried out with real conviviality by the volunteers who present the trucks and accessories of firefighters of all ages. They also discover the agricultural machinery of the county council. For some retirees, “we find gear that was used for interventions on fires and rescues.” Through this visit, the members of the veteran section of the UDSP of 24 remembered sacred memories. They also discovered carefully restored ancestral machinery. In total, about forty people gathered around an aperitif offered by the conservatory volunteers before going to the table to savor the menu created by the site cook.

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