School District Changes In Upstate, South Carolina, And Georgia As A Result Of Nicole’s Winds

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Written by Doug Hampton

The weather forecast is in and it is reported that the Upstate would receive heavy rainfall with strong winds as tropical storm Nicole would be traveling through South Carolina.

The storm is expected to begin by Thursday afternoon and will stay till evening across northeast Georgia and western Carolinas.

According to the meteorologist of NWS, Rodney Hinson, there might be a possibility of 2 to 3 inches of rainfall throughout the area. This rainfall would be accompanied by winds ranging between 20 and 30 mph range.

Schools In Upstate, Georgia, And South Carolina Have Decided To Switch To E-learning

Now, these pieces of news might not have any effect on the residents but some of the school districts have changed their rules. Schools in Upstate, Georgia, and South Carolina have decided to switch to E-learning on Friday.

School District Changes In Upstate, South Carolina, And Georgia As A Result Of Nicole's Winds

This decision was taken while keeping the children’s safety in mind and ensuring that they are comfortable until the weather settles down.

The National Weather Service had already issued a warning against the wind and from Thursday 7 p.m. to Friday 7 p.m., people are advised to stay indoors. There is also a possibility of tornadoes in the regions.

Schools That Have Switched To E-Learning:

Laurens School (District 55)

Greenwood School (District 50 and 52)

Ware Shoals School (District 51)

Abbeville County

According to the school districts, the gushing winds can cause power outages and blow unsecured objects. That’s why it is important to keep the space shut for the day.

While switching to e-learning, all the assignments would be posted online on Google Classroom, Class Dojo, and Seesaw. Students from K to 12 can work on them unless instructed otherwise.

Several district schools have also canceled the athletic events and after-school activities that were scheduled for the day.

Let’s Talk About What The Schools Have To Say:

Schools of Abbeville County

The school issued a letter to the parents. They stated that since the weather is unfavorable, the school district would not be open for physical learning. The classes would be shifted online on November 11. The school would send the required information that you need for the e-learning activity.

Stephens County School of Georgia

The school announced that there is no school tomorrow. They have consulted with the emergency management services and that’s why it is advisable to shut the school for the day. There is a possibility of a power outage, down trees, and high winds due to tropical storm Nicole. The decision was made to keep the students, buses, and school drivers safe. This school’s top priority is safety.

Legacy Early College

The school reported that it will organize an e-learning session for the day, i.e., Friday. It hopes that the students and their parents stay safe. The school will re-open on Monday.

Ware Shoals School in District 51

During the ongoing weather reports, Ware Shoals School announced the decision. The school has decided to switch to e-learning classes due to the unforeseen weather situation. All the assignments would be uploaded online and students have to complete them at home.

Greenwood School in District 50

The school announced that there’s a possibility of bad weather in the area. That’s why, it has decided to switch to e-learning for Friday, November 11. All the staff members and students are requested not to report to the school premises. All the scheduled activities have been canceled until further notice.

Similarly, many other district schools in Georgia, South Carolina, and the Upstate have either declared on off or shifted to e-learning for one day. It is expected that the weather would start settling down soon.

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