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Written by Doug Hampton

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The suspension of the vaccination obligation for caregivers allows those who have not been vaccinated to return to their jobs. Focus on the situation at Saint-Gaudens hospital with Olivier Navasa, director of human resources.

How was the reintegration of caregivers at Saint-Gaudens?

At the Saint-Gaudens hospital, a caregiver and a nurse were reinstated on Tuesday May 16. The principle provided for by the regulations is that the agent resumes his position or an equivalent position.

They were contacted as soon as these regulations were published to find out if they wanted to return to their positions and they were offered an assignment. We waited for the publication of the decree and they were able to resume one on the same position and the other on an equivalent position.

You should know that one of the reinstated caregivers had been able to occasionally return to work because she had been contaminated by Covid, so she did not experience a real break. On the contrary, the other nurse was absent for a year and a half.

Why reintegrate caregivers today?

The government chose to reinstate caregivers after an opinion from the High Public Health Authority, which decided that we were out of the epidemic and that there was no risk for caregivers, as for patients, that non-vaccinated personnel return to duty.

What issues does the reintegration of these caregivers pose for the rest of the staff?

It is understandable that everyone may have questions. There are some caregivers who have been vaccinated against their will to continue to practice their professions. They may indeed wonder why they finally got vaccinated if unvaccinated caregivers can be reinstated.

Nevertheless, at the level of management and supervision, we have not had any feedback on possible problems with the reception of non-vaccinated caregivers. We remain vigilant and follow closely through the service framework. It is also important to emphasize that only two caregivers out of approximately 900 agents in total within the establishment are concerned by non-vaccination.

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