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Saint Gaudens. All about breastfeeding



A workshop on breastfeeding was offered to future parents in early May by the maternity ward of Saint-Gaudens hospital. It was led by two midwives including Marlène Sardella and a childcare assistant. In front of a dozen parents, they were keen to present all the received ideas and to respond to them from a professional point of view with kindness and humor with the mantra “trust yourself, listen only to your feelings and above all not to derogatory remarks that could be made to you. You are master on board!” A cat doesn’t measure the feeding time of her kittens, nor the quantity drunk and everyone is doing very well. Let’s not forget that we are mammals and that nature is good, so let’s say it again: Trust!

Update of the many received ideas, but also advice on before and after childbirth, for the mother and for the help that the father can give. Preparation with a caring entourage, family, friends or other relatives with whom to discuss is very important. A brilliant idea that few people think of: instead of asking for clothes or soft toys on the birth list, think of the services you will appreciate, such as 2 hours of housekeeping, meal-catering, hairdresser at home, mom/baby massage , etc. Or a kitty to then select your needs.

Yes, breastfeeding is natural and the body and brain have it all planned out. The key word in breastfeeding is letting go. Trust your instincts and you’ll be fine. If in doubt, the maternity staff is on hand.

> Secretariat of the Gynecology department: 05 62 00 50 90.

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