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Rodez. Health. Original workshops that combine sport and prevention



Gathered into three groups, the participants in this afternoon of information were recently able to benefit from an original approach around prevention, screening and cancer. An appointment which was associated with Dr. Jean-Paul Viguier, referent cardiologist of the Heart and Health club, Dr. Caline Nzietchueng of the Regional Cancer Screening Coordination Center. “We have set up interactive workshops, offering another approach that allows information to be disseminated around prevention and screening”, explains Dr. Caline Nzietchueng. Another particularity, this meeting, offered to around thirty members of the Heart and Health association, was held in the gym, BodyFit. “Sport is a common point between the prevention of cancers but also cardiovascular healthwould like to remind Dr. Jean-Paul Viguier. Moreover, it should be noted that in the context of cancer healing, sports practice improves healing.

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