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Rocket VR Health announces corporate re-branding and changes name to “Novobeing”



The new name, brand, logo and website are part of an extensive rebranding effort reflecting the company’s expanded focus on non-clinical wellness applications to augment its evidence-based VR digital therapeutics.

BOSTON, May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Rocket VR Health (“RVH” or the “Company”), today unveiled a new brand name, logo and website as part of an extensive corporate re-branding.

The company’s rebranding marks a significant expansion in its corporate vision, signaling a commitment to expand beyond the hospital and bring its offerings to a wider audience. As part of this effort, the company will launch a new immersive well-being application on the META Quest store, making its solutions more accessible to people everywhere.

“As our business continues to grow and evolve, our rebranding represents a significant milestone in our journey.” said Co-Founder and COO Nik Vassev. “Our refreshed brand identity is designed to resonate with virtual reality users and healthcare providers alike and we believe it will be instrumental in driving growth and establishing us as a leader in the industry.”

Novobeing is a term that describes the transformational process of becoming a “new” person who is able to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and resilience.  This new name reflects the company’s commitment to providing immersive well-being solutions to help individuals live healthier and happier lives.

Novobeing, formerly Rocket VR Health was founded in 2020 and has since developed innovative digital therapeutics for the reduction of distress and anxiety for patients awaiting procedures and patients undergoing long hospital stays. The company has also partnered with multiple leading healthcare institutions and is currently conducting three clinical trials to study, improve upon and show the efficacy of its virtual reality digital therapeutics.

“At the inception of our company, we placed our primary emphasis on utilizing virtual reality technology to assist cancer patients in enhancing their mental health and well-being during some of the most challenging periods of their lives. Today we are broadening our horizons by taking our solutions beyond hospitals, as we believe that promoting optimal health and reducing stress is something everyone should have access to.” said Co-Founder and CEO Sid Desai.

Novobeing experiences combine meditation, breathwork, cognitive behavioral therapy and other proven modalities to provide users with immersive, personalized experiences that help them reduce stress and improve their well-being.

About Novobeing

Novobeing formerly Rocket VR Health is a digital health company that is revolutionizing stress management and self-care through the use of virtual reality. The company offers immersive well-being experiences and digital therapeutics that help people manage stress, find clarity and feel their best. Novobeing makes stress relief easy by combining proven modalities like meditation, breathwork, cognitive behavioral therapy, music, and multisensory environments.

Novobeing offers an enterprise version for stress reduction in pre-procedure and prolonged hospitalization settings and a general version for individuals.

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