Qi gong and Taï-Chi in Ehpad

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Written by Doug Hampton

Since 2021, residents of the Ehpad of the Villefranche hospital center “Le Jardin Fleuri”, Rulhe site and “Le Bosquet”, Chartreuse site, have benefited from Qigong lessons. This traditional Chinese gymnastics is based on breathing, slow movements have a beneficial influence on psychological function, improve coordination, mobility, range of motion and balance, and have a beneficial effect on the joints.

They are produced by Isabelle Lepachelet, who also provides courses for hospital center professionals in the context of quality of life at work.

In the third quarter of 2022, the Villefranchoise teacher introduced the form (sequence of movements) of the tai-chi-chuan fan. It was a great success and to promote this project, the Ehpad host therefore organized a show bringing together the two Ehpad concerned. Residents were able to give a demonstration of Qi gong and the range of taï-chi-chuan, followed by a demonstration by students and teachers from the association of Qi gong and taï-chi-chuan villefranchoise.

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