Premenopause, how to spot it?

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Written by Doug Hampton

Menopause does not occur suddenly. It is usually preceded by a period of several years of premenopause. What is it about ? How do you know if it has started?

It is around the age of about 50 that the majority of women see menopause. This natural process corresponds to the cessation of ovarian follicular function. “This means the ovaries stop releasing eggs for fertilization”, says the World Health Organization (WHO). The main effect is the cessation of menstruation. But this phenomenon is preceded by a hormonal transition phase that is called premenopause or even perimenopause.

How does it manifest?

Very often, the first telltale signs of its occurrence are irregular periods. “ Bleeding is vaginal dryness.

It is the gradual decrease in the level of female hormones – notably progesterone – which is the cause, disrupting the menstrual cycle. The decline in estrogen only occurs later, when the menopause actually comes.

This period can last several years, usually between 2 and 4 years. During this time, it is essential to maintain contraception because pregnancy is still possible. Consult your doctor to best adapt it to your personal case.

To note : premenopause ends when menstruation ceases for twelve consecutive months.

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