Pharmacists in Haute-Garonne are concerned about medical desertification

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Written by Doug Hampton

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The USPO pharmacists’ union is organizing an exchange meeting with the pharmacists of the department this Wednesday, May 31 in Toulouse. To evoke the future of a profession in full evolution in the face of medical desertification.

Pierre-Olivier Variot, president of the Union of Dispensary Pharmacists’ Unions (USPO), will exchange this Wednesday, May 31, as part of his tour of France of the territories, with the professionals of the department (1). Invited by Patrick Sorbette, pharmacist representing USPO in Haute-Garonne, he will discuss the issue of medical desertification which leads to clarify the role of the pharmacist.

“The profession of pharmacist has evolved considerably since the Covid-19 epidemic, particularly in the eyes of the population. remained open, we renewed prescriptions in the absence of the doctors, we were in charge of the logistics of the masks, we made hydroalcoholic gel, we tested the patients then administered vaccines… We put our hands in the oil, we have become carers in people’s minds”, sums up Patrick Sorbette.

“Ensuring tasks when doctors are not available”

Today, the pharmacist would like the reflection on the solutions to be put in place in the face of the lack of doctors to be done with the professionals of the pharmacies. “Faced with medical desertification, the lack of medical time, there are needs for which we can provide solutions. There are avenues, such as the establishment of a corresponding pharmacist system which would make it possible to carry out tasks when doctors are not available and for which there is a certain urgency: a variation in blood pressure, an asthma attack, staggered chemotherapy, angina, etc. We are frustrated to know what to do in this kind of situation and not being able to do it. We don’t want to oppose the doctor, we want to work with them because the situation has changed and they no longer have enough time. For that, we have to put in place protocols, communication tools for which we are late”, concludes Patrick Sorbette.

(1) Wednesday May 31 at 8 p.m. in Toulouse, at Père Louis, 45 rue des Tourneurs

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