Future Auch hospital: a second potential site extends the deadlines

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Written by Doug Hampton

the essential
The site of the new Auch hospital was to be known on April 6, and the choice seemed to be made. But a proposal near the hospital center reshuffles the cards. Explanations.

When will we know where the new Auch hospital center will be built? Not anytime soon. Everyone thought the site would be in Pavia. A second proposal obliges the committee in charge of this decision to put the file back on the table.

The protocol for the call for expressions of interest, the AMI, launched by the Auch hospital center on February 16, had set April 6 as the deadline for deciding on the choice of land for the future hospital. And normally, the submission of files ended on March 17, which left little time for the steering committee to make its choice. However, May ends and still no response. Finally, we will have to wait.

auscitan challenger

The Pavie option, ie land located along the RN 21 in the direction of Mirande, was popular, but the place found a competitor who is slowing down the decision-making process. The challenger is located close to the current hospital: the valley located between the RN 21 and rue de la Baronne, behind the IFSI (nursing institute).

“We cannot act as if the proposal did not exist”, assumes the director of the hospital, Sylvie Lacarrière, well aware that this does not advance the file. “Both have advantages and disadvantages, and we must now analyze the constraints of one and the other”, explains the director of the hospital center.

The decision must take into account very specific factors, the qualitative indicators mentioned in the AMI such as pollution, any easements, the possibilities of site development and town planning, or even the proximity of networks, the nature of the soil , topography, natural elements…

Reduced profits

The benefits are partly economic. Some current equipment from the Auch hospital could be retained. Thus, road access would be maintained. However, many find it already quite inconvenient for users as well as for medical transport. The heliport, located not far from the emergency room, would also be retained. “But it’s a small thing, when you look at the land itself, confides a municipal elected official very familiar with the matter. The difference in height of this slope makes major earthworks mandatory, and that would undoubtedly erase the savings on access or the heliport.”

Even if the comments behind the scenes do not seem to give this second option a chance of success, discussions took place last Wednesday with the heads of the regional ARS, to obtain a delay, the time to study the potential of the site. The management of the hospital center advances the end of June for a decision, “but we must remain cautious”, tempers Sylvie Lacarrière.

The protocol of the AMI, well wedged on the paper, finds itself in any case upset. The final step, the signing of the pre-contract for the purchase of the land, was scheduled for Wednesday July 5th. Will this date be respected?

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