Only Defensive Use Of Nuclear Weapons Is Required For Russian Military Doctrine: Putin

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Written by Doug Hampton

This war isn’t going to end soon— from the latest updates, it is now reported a statement by President Putin on the nuclear doctrine defense. It is currently reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has now accused the West which might have fueled the fire between the countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the issue that the West is responsible for the war fueling in the country Ukraine. It was done in an ongoing annual address to the Moscow-based think tank. 

Further, he also released a statement about NATO and how the United States Of America used the dollar, the weapon, and other traditional values to the country. NATO along with the West created something that got out of hand. 

Russian Military Doctrine Requires Only Defensive Use Of Nuclear Weapons: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a very anti- west speech that was combative across the world. According to Kyiv, Ukraine’s Governor, the Kyiv region’s electricity power decreased. This was caused due to the Russian attacks that came simultaneously to cause and target the energy facilities. The torture resulted in the same and now people are facing huge electricity issues along with the lifestyle at stake. 

Only Defensive Use Of Nuclear Weapons Is Required For Russian Military Doctrine: Putin

But Ukraine isn’t backing out, it is fighting out as the leader. The country is deploying more troops near the border of interest- Belarus. They are ready to counter the possible attacks no matter how hard it gets. It is the ninth month of the war and is almost completing the last trimester, but it’s not coming to an end. 

With lifestyle, economic and other losses, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy calls the Russian military tactics by Russian President Vladimir Putin CRAZY. 

Russia isn’t anywhere to stop, they also called the United Nations to probe US military biological activities in the targeted country, Ukraine. Russia filed a complaint to the UN Security Council to only demand an international investigation of the United States’ military biological activities. It was raised by the Russian Foreign Ministry. 

According to a statement released by the Russian ministry, the country was left with no choice but to Only file a complaint. The Russian Federation raised the issue to the Chairman of the United Nations security council. They wanted to run an international investigation on the biological activities of the military of the United States that are staying in Ukraine.

Russian President Putin has asked the United States to convince and force Kyiv into the negotiating table. He also said that Moscow is ready the talk about the conflict related to the country, Ukraine and that it is not about the question but for negotiations. The Russian President also stated that it is easy to solve the issue with the help of Washington. The USA should signal Kyiv to change its position and solve the issue peacefully.

The Ukraine president has explicitly ruled out such a deal whereas the USA stated that the remarks were not new. The White House said that his remarks were not new and indicate that the president cannot change his strategic goals. 

About to appeal to the United Nations on the military biological activities of the USA in Ukraine, the UN rejected Russia‘s accusation. The US ambassador has told the security council that these are pure fabrications by Russia. An official statement by the US Ambassador was also released that they do not have any biological weapons program in the country for the sake of the code of conduct.

These are some of the latest updates from the war-we’re still hoping for peace between the countries and for Russia to realize that Ukraine should be free. With so much stress, normal people‘s lives are being compromised. Although we can only hope for world peace!

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