Odos. The purchase of the health center approved by the municipal council

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Written by Doug Hampton

This was the main item on the agenda of the last meeting of the municipal council, ten days ago: the acquisition of the health center by the municipality (see our edition of April 27, 2023) was approved, almost unanimously of the elected members (only one abstention). The purchase procedure can therefore be launched, and subject to the payment of the sum of 1,750,000 € including tax, after the usual game of negotiations (the estates had estimated the whole at 820,000 excluding tax), the municipality of Odos should soon become the owner of the health center at the same time as the lessor of the various health professionals installed on the site.

Rather good news for the latter, who can once again cherish the hope of seeing general practitioners come to support, in the more or less short term, doctors Lasserrette and Nogues. Professionals, some of whom will also be able to benefit from the development work that the municipality plans to carry out, for an amount of €50,000, eligible for subsidies.

The 725 m2 will therefore undergo some changes in layout, in particular because some professionals aspire to have additional offices, in particular for general practitioners who will one day be required to complete the Odossean health offer.

It is above all with this objective, it should be remembered, that the team in place made the choice, at the start of the year, to embark on the acquisition of the healthcare division. It should be noted that an additional budget had been voted previously in order to isolate this operation from the municipal budget, and that the municipality established it so that the monthly payments of the contracted credit and the sums collected by the rents can be balanced. .

Assize jury draw 2,023.

The draw, from the general electoral list, of the jurors likely to sit in the Assize Court for the year 2024, will take place on Friday June 23, 2023, at 9:30 a.m., on the ground floor of the town hall (former reception office).

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