NC Power Grid Attack Fuels Fear In The Rural LGBTQ Community

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Written by Doug Hampton

North Carolina has been facing a power cut since last weekend. This electricity outage concerns two substations located near the place where a local drag show by the LGBTQ community was to be organized. Most of the people facing difficulty have speculated that this electricity shortage has been deliberately planned by the authorities to shut down the event’s organization. 

The LGBTQ community was planning to hold an event in rural Moore County to celebrate their efforts to build the community so that it could vouch for their rights. The government is, however, planning to shun all these efforts and make every possible attempt to prevent the organization of the same.

The community had even convinced the police authorities to investigate the actual reason behind the shortage as soon as possible because it was a direct attack on their integrity and fraternity, which they would not tolerate at any cost. 

What Does The Investigation Say About This? 

The police authorities are trying to connect all the dots based on the facts and the circumstances collected during the investigation. They see an overlap between the event’s timings and the outage’s timings.

Investigating NC Power Grid Attack

According to the sources, the power shortage began around 7:00 p.m. last Saturday. But it was due to some unforeseen circumstances which demanded repair of the stations immediately. Duke Energy officials have confirmed the same.

They have admitted that around 45000 customers lost power last weekend due to the malfunctioning in the system. For the time being, it cannot be said that this power shortage was owing to the attempt by the authorities to prevent the LGBTQ from celebrating their events. It isn’t easy to draw any common link between the two events. The present situation does not vouch for any such kind of possibility. 

What Does The Future Course Of Action Say About The Situation? 

There have been specific incidents on the part of the local officials to prevent the community from organizing any show. The subsequent power cut has confirmed the doubts, and the community has started feeling much more vulnerable. The local people of the society comprised of queer and youth do not have any source of Representation in the cultural program except for these events. 

Many of the members have opened themselves up on social media concerning the injustice which is met out to them. They are always treated with hatred. They do not even have the same support that can boost their confidence or give them a better platform to represent themselves.

The conservative leaders also Wage a protest against the community because they do not endorse any homogenous relationships. The survival of these people has become much more complicated over the period. 

Attempts To Find The Truth

The police and the US Department of Homeland Security are working together to identify the person or people responsible for the most recent threats against the LGBTQ community. The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation also joined the investigation team. The infrastructure of these people would be destroyed. All of this has made this community much more conscious as compared to what it was earlier.

The police have also awarded a compensation of 75000 dollars to any person who gives them information concerning these events. After connecting all of these isolated incidents, it can be concluded that it is not safe for these people to do anything they want. 

Final Words

The situation is very complex. Some parts of the government wholeheartedly promote these organizations, but others are entirely against them. It is essential to give them the security that they need to prosper properly. 

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