Miradoux seniors’ club barbecue meal

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Written by Doug Hampton

The members of the office of the Miradoux seniors’ club are organizing a meal on Thursday, June 1, at noon, in the village hall. Before lunch, an aperitif will be offered by the club. On the menu, grilled sausages and chicken-turkey skewers. The all-inclusive price of the meal is 15 euros for members and 20 euros for non-members (you will need to bring your own cutlery, flat plates, dessert plates and glasses). Payment for meals will be made upon arrival of participants. The closing date for entries is Monday, May 29. At the end of lunch, the gendarmerie will hold a short conference on the safety of people and property and on scams of all kinds. The draw for the traditional raffle will also take place (2 euros per ticket; 5 euros for 3 tickets; 10 euros for 7 tickets). Registration with Suzanne Macabiau, the president (at or at or Pascal Dupouy, the treasurer (at

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