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Written by Doug Hampton

Are you feeling worst due to menopause symptoms? Are you finding yourself unmanageable with hot flashes, mental fog, sleep disorders, mood swings, and mental disturbances?

Are you struggling to perform like the real YOU? Never feel defeated and alone. It is common. I am here with the MenoRescue review. It will be helpful if you are finding a solution. 

MenoRescue Reviews Can MenoRescue Help To Increase Your Cortisol Levels?

According to surveys and studies, 75% of women face Menopausal symptoms.  For 25% it can be severe. I have read through many MenoRescue reviews and visited the official website to know more about it.

It is a dietary supplement that regulates hormones in the female body to reduce the symptoms of menopause. It is necessary to know more about the ingredients, effects, side effects, safety, purity, and price before picking a supplement. So let’s analyze each of them in this MenoRescue review

MenoRescue Reviews
Supplement nameMenoRescue
AimRegulates hormones in the female body to reduce the symptoms of menopause
Key ingredients🍀 Sensoril
🍀 Green select phytosome
🍀 Rhodiola Rosea
🍀 Schisandra Berry
🍀 Sage leaf
🍀 Red clover
🍀 Black cohosh
🍀 Chasteberry
🍀 Bioperine
Quantity60 capsules per bottle
Main benefitSupports hormone levels in your body
Manufacturing standards👉 Manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified state-of-the-art facility.
👉 Contains only premium-quality natural ingredients
Features Non-GMO
Crustacean free 
Usage instructions2 capsules before or after your meals with a glass of water
Side effectsNo major side effects reported
Results3-6 months
Allergen information No allergens added
Price plansOne bottle: $59
Three bottles: $49 per bottle
Six bottles: $39 per bottle
AvailabilityOfficial website only
Refund policy180-day money-back guarantee
Official websiteClick Here

What is menopause? 

Menopause is the natural downfall in hormone production that may happen after the 40s. You can ensure menopause if your menstruation is stopped for 12 months in a row. There is nothing to worry about in menopause as it is natural.

The symptoms of menopause begin with irregular periods and it may affect the harmony of life as it includes mood swings, hot flashes, sleep disorder, gaining body weight vaginal dryness, slow metabolism, anxiety, or depression. 

What are the Common issues with menopause?

The fluctuation in hormone levels especially that of estrogen and cortisol may lead to several symptoms that affect the general well-being during menopause. The symptoms can’t be generalized. It is suggested to get a healthcare provider’s help to ensure that the symptoms are related to menopause.

  • Hot flashes 
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Mood swings 
  • Dehydration and slow metabolism
  • Irregular periods
  • Pain or disturbance in breasts 
  • Body pain especially in joints
  • Weight gain
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Hair fall
  • Brain fog

How MenoRescue Pills help to manage these issues?

Many scientific studies have proven that the major reason for menopause symptoms is the irregular occurrence of cortisol in the female body. A rise in cortisol may trigger most of the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, low libido, declined energy, brain fog, mental disturbances, and vaginal dryness.

The stress hormone may cause a decline in estrogen and progesterone which make the situation worse. The natural MenoRescue ingredients are clinically proven for improving cortisol levels helping to reduce all these symptoms and providing the person with mental as well as physical health. The ingredient may also help to have an acceptance of the body changes that you are facing. 

What benefits do you get from The MenoRescue pills?

MenoRescue hormone health supplement can provide the customer with numerous health benefits that ease their menopause symptoms.

Based on the MenoRescue reviews, below given are the health benefits that you can get from this formula

  • Boost energy: MenoRescue pills help to improve your energy level and keep up the same pace throughout the day. 
  • No more hot flashes: The supplement maintains a healthy body temperature and helps us to stay away from hot flashes. 
  • Fat burning: The special ingredients of the product help in burning fat and reducing body weight. 
  • Improve sleep quality: The quality of sleep will be improved and you may feel fresh throughout the day. 
  • Mental clarity: Brain function and mental clarity will be improved. You will feel young and energized. 
  • No more mood swings: You will feel more stable without mood swings. Anxiety and depression will be reduced. 
  • Muscle and joint health: Flexible joints and stronger muscles will help your free movement. 
  • Healthy heart: There are ingredients to support cardiovascular health. 

Who is the Creator of the MenoRescue formula?

MenoRescue cortisol balance supplement is formulated by Andrea Taylor CPT, CSNC along with a group of experts to reduce the symptoms of menopause. Years of experience as a nutritionist helped her choose natural ingredients for the purpose. 

MenoRescue Creator

Let us check out the science-backed ingredients

MenoRescue capsules are formulated with high-quality natural ingredient that helps in the regulation of hormones in the female body. The MenoRescue ingredients and their health benefits are explained below.  

  • Sensoril® is an herb that is derived from Ashwagandha. It helps in maintaining a unique cortisol level. It also boosts energy, regulates mood, improves concentration, quality of sleep, and stamina, reduces body aches, and supports cardiovascular functions
  • Greenselect Phytosome® is a type of green tea that is free from caffeine. Along with promoting cortisol levels, it helps to improve metabolism, reduce fat stores, curb the cravings for excess food, and shed stubborn fat deposits including belly fat. 
  • Rhodiola Rosea plant promotes healthy cortisol levels during menopause. It also promotes cognitive functions, regulates body temperature, boosts energy, improves mood, strengthens muscles, and helps joints and circulatory health. 
  • Schisandra Berry is native to China. It promotes healthy cortisol and progesterone balance and supports cognitive health, better mood, energy, and general well-being. 
  • Red Clover plant contains components that are similar to estrogen and help reduce menopause symptoms. 
  • Black Cohosh plants also have estrogen-like properties. The extract helps in a better mood, energy, sleep, libido, and regulated body temperature, 
  • Chasteberry helps to reduce menopause symptoms by supporting progesterone levels. It also promotes a healthy body temperature, improves mood, supports joint comfort, promotes quality sleep, and reduces breast tenderness. 
  • BioPerine® is an extract of black pepper that helps promote the absorption of other ingredients. 
MenoRescue Ingredients

How do I take MenoRescue Capsule & how long should I use it?

According to the MenoRescue manufacturers, users have to take 2 capsules a day in the morning along with our breakfast. As a bottle contains 60 capsules, it can be enough for a month. It is suggested to take the capsules for two to three months for better results

MenoRescue Dosage

What makes MenoRescue different from other menopause formulas? 

Quality ingredients that are picked from nature and have passed all the available purity tests in the US are the most relevant feature of the MenoRescue supplement. Other features like the absence of additives or stimulants, vegan-friendly, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and crustacean free are also making it special.

The MenoRescue customer reviews and expert opinions are all positive and supportive of the claimed benefit of the product. There is not even a single grievance or negative remark reported anywhere. 

Ingredient Purity Test Results

The MenoRescue ingredients are all chosen after completing many quality tests. The purity test conducted for the MenoRescue formula shows a purity rate of 98% which is very high. This US-made supplement is manufactured in facilities that are approved by GMP and FDA. 

Pros and Cons of MenoRescue 

MenoRescue is a unique formula with many special features and benefits. here are they


  • Fast results. 
  • Natural ingredients. 
  • Work for all women who are struggling with the symptoms of menopause. 
  • No additive or stimulant in the product. 
  • Manufactured in FDA and GMP-approved facilities. 
  • Provide you with happy, carefree menopause.
  • Affordable when purchased in bulk.  
  • 180 days money back guarantee. 
  • Non-GMO
  • 100% pure ingredients 


  • Availability is restricted to the official website. 
  • Time taken for the expected result can be different for different people. 

Why can’t I see MenoRescue Supplements on other websites & retail stores? 

You can order MenoRescue hormone support supplement only on their official product website and it is not available on any other retail stores or e-commerce platforms like Amazon. The best price, best offers, and expected results can be ensured only on the MenoRescue official website.

Where can you find MenoRescue supplements at the best price? 

You have to visit the MenoRescue official website to get it at its best price. You cannot avail of the supplement on Amazon, other e0commerce portals, or retail stores next to you. The official website of the product is the one and only authentic place where you will get the best offer, a money-back offer.

Customers have to be vigilant while placing their orders as there are many fake suppliers who imitate the product.

Here is the pricing and packages offered by the MenoRescue supplement as per the official website

  • 1 bottle (1 month supply – 60 capsules):  $59.00 per bottle
  • 3 bottles  (3-month supply – 180 capsules): $49.00 per bottle
  • 6 bottles (6-month supply – 360 capsules): $39.00 per bottle

Do MenoRescue manufacturer offer a Money back guarantee

The MenoRescue manufacturers offer a 180-day “Empty Bottle” satisfaction guarantee for the customers. Our order is risk-free as we can return the product. Even an empty bottle can be returned in case of any dissatisfaction. The money that we are paying will be refunded if you return the product within 180 days of purchase. 

MenoRescue Reviews – Conclusion

Menopause is a hard time for every woman. It puts her upside down. Women face mental and physical weakness along with emotional and intellectual downfall during the period.

MenoRescue female health formula can be considered a dietary supplement that addresses most menopause-related health issues. The manufacturers of MenoRescue pills have identified the imbalance in cortisol levels as the reason for the menopause symptoms and try to address the root cause.

MenoRescue tablets are combined with a handful of natural ingredients that have been used to balance hormones in the female body. It is scientifically proven that the MenoRescue ingredients may reduce the severity of menopause symptoms in women.

The official website also ensures the affordability, purity, and safety of the pills. As there is 100% money back permitted for 180 days, there is no hassle in placing your order and trying it. While concluding our MenoRescue reviews, we can make sure that it is an ideal solution to balance your hormone level and alleviate the symptoms of menopause


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