Lourdes: Thierry Lavit, new chairman of the supervisory board of Tarbes and Lourdes hospitals

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Written by Doug Hampton

the essential
On April 28, the mayor of Lourdes, Thierry Lavit became the new president of the monitoring committee of the hospitals of Tarbes and Lourdes.

“Today we need a project, we need to tighten the teams and restore confidence”. The day after his installation as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Tarbes and Lourdes hospitals, Thierry Lavit displays his satisfaction with the view of the joint hospital project which is so close to his heart, as mayor of Lourdes and a former caregiver: “It’s an absolute territorial emergency, a project that I’ve been carrying out for a long time. It’s really a chance to make this exceptional equipment when you see the health disaster in France, you have to make sure to don’t miss the boat. The train won’t pass twice”.

too much wasted time

Convinced of the merits of a project which has been in the cards for many years but which has come up against, sometimes through incomprehension or ignorance, the reluctance of certain elected officials, the new president particularly regrets all this wasted time. Thanks to his new hat, he will now be in the front row in what he calls the buffer zone, between the merger of the two hospitals, on their respective sites, and the construction of the common hospital in Lanne: “From the moment where the Head of State invested €210 million for this new facility, we must not repeat the same mistakes and acquire the capacity to be able to offer quality care for the territory. which is departmental, even extra-departmental for our inhabitants, of Lourdes and Tarbes, our visitors, our pilgrims. Thus, we will address all the basin which has from the north of our department to Gavarnie. this will allow us to continue to treat our citizens, taxpayers and patients, with the high standards that everyone is entitled to expect today”.

Attracting doctors and specialists is also done thanks to this tool in the line of sight for candidates, an additional argument for Thierry Lavit: “We have confidence in the quality of our caregivers and we must also allow specialist doctors to come join us and we will only be able to do so by offering high-tech tools”. A new mission that the mayor of Lourdes wants to carry out, he who knows the health sector perfectly, especially in the department: “For six years, I represented caregivers on the supervisory board of Lourdes hospital, from 2014 to 2020, I worked for 38 years in the hospital, I have been mayor for three years and therefore chairman of the supervisory board of Lourdes”.

“Treat all citizens in the same way”

However, he does not forget the opponents of the joint hospital project: “I have seen the decline of the two structures of Tarbes and Lourdes. Those who say that we must keep the two hospitals do not measure the investments impossible to make. to have two modern structures. We need a high-tech hospital which must allow us to take care of our patients and to keep our doctors, to bring in new ones. This will allow us to treat all citizens in the same way “.

During his election, Thierry Lavit retained the words of the director general of the ARS who explained that the role of the supervisory board and its president are essential in the management of this file. He also wanted to thank the two presidents, that of the CATLP, Gérard Trémège and that of the department, Michel Pélieu: “They will have a very important role in the means devoted to building the facilities, in particular access, to the hospital center common and territorial. I appeal to the union of all the living forces who have understood the enormous stake and who are eager to defend the public and private health offer of 65 “. There is no doubt that he will tackle the task with his usual determination: “Seeing this project come to fruition is my unfailing commitment”.

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