For recreational or therapeutic use, CBD seduces many Auscitaines

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Written by Doug Hampton

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In France, more than ten million people consume cannabidiol (CBD) in different forms. A market that is doing very well, like here in Auch with no less than three specialized shops.

“I have the impression of saving people”, confides Alexandre, salesman of the KGS32 shop located rue du 8 mai in Auch. “It’s the best job in the world and it’s very gratifying to feel that you can help people get better,” he says. In this store, you can find flowers but also several derivatives of CBD: sweets, oils, cosmetics, etc. Contrary to popular belief, young people are not the only consumers. “We sell to everyone, from 18 to 70 and over,” explains Victor, salesman at CBD Shop, rue de Lorraine.

CBD, which is a substance naturally present in the cannabis plant but which does not have a drug effect, can act on different pathologies. “People come to see us for back pain, to quit smoking, to sleep better or even to soothe more serious illnesses such as endometriosis or cancer,” explains Alexandre of KGS32. The seller claims that his customers are very varied and the reasons for “consultations”, as he says, also. From the young adult who wants to feel the effects of cannabis without being positive, to the CEO who wants to relax and to the elderly lady who wants to reduce her muscle pain, each visit is different.

“I’m between the dealer and the doctor,” quips Alexandre, who says he takes care of each buyer and does everything to get as much information as possible about him before selling him anything. This “climate of trust” that is established allows the seller to build customer loyalty. “It’s super gratifying when people come to see me again and say that what I sold did the person good,” he confides. To be able to continue to work properly, professionals in the sector are calling for better training and stricter supervision.

“We want the sector to be developed and better supervised”

“CBD oil changed my life when my back was completely damaged after years of working in construction and materials,” says Cédric, who opened his CBD’eau shop on rue Dessoles two years ago. NOW. Anyone who sees this molecule as an alternative to drug treatments is passionate about his work and would like the sector to develop and benefit from better supervision. Unionized at the Union of CBD Professionals, Cédric is worried about the sale of this self-service product in supermarkets or tobacconists.

“It’s not possible to sell without professional advice, it’s dangerous,” he says, calling for more training that is recognized in France.
According to him, France is late compared to our European neighbors such as Switzerland, Spain or Holland, which have legalized or have more flexible legislation. “I have no doubt that our country will end up making cannabis consumption legal, it always takes longer for us, but we will get there,” says Cédric, confident and optimistic. Concerning the growers, they are not numerous in the department with a farm in Masseube and another in Trie-sur-Baïse. “We are waiting for the government to wake up and for us to all be able to work together to purify the sector while still having good traceability,” adds Cédric.

One thing is certain, the Auscican CBD market is doing very well since curious people pass through the doors of the three stores every week.

The HHC, a new trend and legal vagueness

Another component of cannabis is starting to gain momentum: hexahydrocannabidol (HHC). Unlike CBD, this molecule is not natural since it was designed in the laboratory by an American chemist in the 1940s. Its consequences are similar to those of pure cannabis with effects on mood, sensations or perception of things. Due to a real legal vacuum, consumption and sale are legal in France. This worries some health professionals but appears to be a real boon for CBD shop managers. Several European countries have already banned what they consider to be a drug, such as Finland or Austria. On the side of France, the LR deputy for Oise Victor Habert-Dassault questioned the Ministry of Health on this question. Debates could therefore open soon.

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