Jennifer Lawrence Has Drawn Criticism For Her Remarks On Female Action Stars

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Written by Doug Hampton

The American actress Jennifer Lawerence’s comment about female action movies getting viral on online media. She is trolled on social media for her claims. The actress came back with a clarification of her earlier statements. She said that her statement was misinterpreted by the media.

Lawrence clarified that she was trying to demonstrate sexism in Hollywood movies. The statement made by Jennifer Lawrence became the hot news of the week. The actress made her remarks in an interview with Viola Davis for variety’s Actors on Actors series.

She shared her experience while acting in the film ‘Hunger Games”.Nobody had ever initiated putting a female in the leading role. Because everyone is interested to see males in the lead role. As a part of that, both females and males can both remark with the male lead. But males do not identify with female leads. She made her remarks during a 45-minute interview. She faced a massive counterblast over the claim. Jennifer’s career progressed with the film The Hunger Games. Lawrence played the role of Katniss Everdeen in this film.

Jennifer Lawrence Clarifies Remark About Female-Led Action Movies: “It Came Out Wrong”

Having a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, she made a clarification to her statements made in the previous interview. She said that she didn’t try to prove that she is the first leading actress in Hollywood. The actress also remarked that she is not the only woman who has ever led a female-centric action film.

She just expressed how it feels to be a part of this project. While speaking, she remembers the day she enjoyed the most in the shooting days of The Hunger Games. The project was a different experience for her. But the comments came out as wrong.

Jennifer Lawrence Clarifies Remark About Female-Led Action Movies “It Came Out Wrong”

Lawrence wanted to break the old myths based on the existing stereotypes that have spread in the Hollywood film industry. She aims to speak about gender bias in Hollywood. Normally, nobody is coming forward to give an identity to a female in a leading role. In general, the film industry is following the stereotypical way of executing projects. 

The actress said that she only meant the sexism prevailing in Hollywood. But she said that it was her mistake and it got published wrong in the media. There is a problem with her statement, she claimed that she is the first woman who had a woman-lead role in an action movie. This is wrong. 

Twitter users criticized her for claiming to be the first woman in the lead of an action movie. The followers noted down the list of actresses who have landed action-hero lead roles. We can find many other female lead roles in the 1980s. An American actress Linda Hamilton acted in the lead role in a science fiction movie named ‘The Terminator’. Sigourney Weaver acted in another sci-fi action movie named ‘Aliens’ released in 1986. In addition, female action stars Bridget Fonda, Geena Davis, and Angelina Jolie marked their presence in the history of Hollywood movies.

Davis didn’t blame her statement. Davis said that the actress was very happy to share that she becomes happy whenever she comes to watch this movie. She praised the whole crew of the project and their willingness to motivate female-led action movies. 

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