Jasper Development Group LLC Secures Coveted Medical Marijuana Processor License in Alabama

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Written by Doug Hampton

JASPER, Ala., June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Catalyst Business Consulting (Catalyst BC) is thrilled to announce their client and partner, Jasper Development Group Inc. (JDG), has obtained a highly sought-after merit-based, limited license to process medical marijuana in Alabama from hundreds of applications. This monumental achievement marks a significant milestone for both Alabama locals, Jasper Development Group Inc., and the rapidly evolving medical cannabis industry in the state.

Alabama’s recent legalization of medical marijuana has created opportunities for businesses looking to enter the emerging cannabis market. JDG, a pioneering entity committed to advancing patient care, has positioned itself at the forefront of this burgeoning industry in a notably conservative state.

Under the guidance of Catalyst BC, JDG undertook a rigorous merit application process, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to patient care, compliance, safety, quality, consistency, and innovation in providing medical marijuana in Alabama. A managed, comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence enabled JDG to secure one of the limited medical marijuana processor licenses issued by the AMCC on Monday, June 12th.

The medical marijuana processor license will allow JDG to produce a wide range of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products including tinctures, topicals, lozenges, balms, salves, and more. These products will benefit Alabama medical patients with qualifying condition symptoms and improve their quality of life. While the state currently limits those who can obtain medical cannabis and the types of products available for treatment, Catalyst BC and JDG are hopeful that this first license will lead to more options for medical cannabis for Alabama residents.

“This is an incredibly proud moment for JDG,” said Tyler Robinson, CEO of JDG. “We are immensely grateful for the expert guidance and strategic support provided by Catalyst BC throughout this process. This license is a testament to our mission of helping our neighbors in Alabama with research and innovation in the medical marijuana industry.”

As part of its mission, JDG will build and operate a state-of-the-art medical cannabis processing facility, adhering to quality control measures to ensure the production of safe, reliable, and efficacious medical cannabis products. The company’s progressive vision will extend beyond its operations as it intends to collaborate with local healthcare providers, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to foster awareness and encourage further research into the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis in Alabama.

Catalyst BC, a leading consulting firm specializing in the cannabis industry, played an instrumental role in supporting JDG throughout the application process. The Catalyst BC team’s expertise in navigating complex regulatory frameworks, the in-depth details of successful merit-based applications, and their deep industry knowledge has proven invaluable in securing this license for their client.

“We are honored to have been part of this journey with JDG’s internal team,” stated Ian Miller, CEO at Catalyst BC. “We are confident that JDG will contribute to Alabama’s medical cannabis landscape and the successful outcomes of its patients. This license award is a testament to the openness and will of Alabama’s voters and public servants and the dedication, professionalism, and vision of both JDG and Catalyst BC.”

The issuance of the medical marijuana processor license to JDG marks an exciting new chapter in Alabama’s evolving medical cannabis industry. The collaboration between Catalyst BC and JDG exemplifies the potential for transformative partnerships between focused subject matter experts and bold entrepreneurs in this emerging sector.

About Catalyst Business Consulting
Catalyst BC is a boutique global cannabis consulting and advisement firm established to support entrepreneurs, investors, and operators to activate and perform at an accelerated rate through science, data, and hands-on experience. The team at Catalyst BC includes a dynamic group of experienced business professionals and legacy cannabis operators with over 50 years of direct founder, operator, and advisor experience in regulated cannabis and vertical farming. Catalyst BC specializes in License Acquisition, Vertical Farming, Facility Design Assistance, and Operational Optimization/Turnaround, including Pre-Exit Optimization Services for cannabis and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) operations.

About Jasper Development Group Inc.
Owned and operated by Alabama natives, Jasper Development Group Inc. is a pioneering medical marijuana processor in the state. With a steadfast commitment to advancing patient care, research, and innovation, Jasper Development Group Inc. aims to provide pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from qualifying medical conditions. They are dedicated to adhering to the highest safety standards, efficacy, affordability, and innovation, delivering enhanced quality of life, and supporting positive comprehensive health and wellness outcomes for Alabama’s medical cannabis patients.

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