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IVBH Presents Groundbreaking Data for Early Lung Cancer Detection at the ASCO® 2023 Annual Meeting



IVBH’s novel RNA approach to early detection demonstrates strong sensitivity and specificity for early lung cancer detection, in a large, predominantly early-stage, independent validation cohort

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IVBH, a leader in liquid biopsy technology, specializing in noninvasive early detection, will unveil groundbreaking data from an independent validation study of the company’s proprietary LiquidLung lung cancer detection technology, at the ASCO® 2023 Annual Meeting. This study of 3,744 subjects, including patients with pre-operative lung cancer and non-cancer controls, demonstrated accurate detection of early-stage lung cancer across prevalent histologic types and subgroups of patients with lung cancer, including never-smokers.

“Traditionally, the liquid biopsy field has focused on detecting cancer cells shed into the bloodstream by a tumor,” said Marty Keiser, IVBH Founder-CEO. “IVBH is revolutionizing this approach, not by sequencing cancer cells, rather by harnessing the dynamic response of the patient — through changes in RNA gene expression — enabling more sensitive and specific disease detection in the earliest stages of disease.”

In the poster, the LiquidLung RNA-model, which used machine learning, detected lung cancer with 98% sensitivity, 89% specificity in the held-out test set of the independent validation cohort. Incorporating age and gender brought balance to the overall accuracy of the technology, achieving 95.5% sensitivity, 90.3% specificity in the held-out test set.

“This peer-reviewed research represents a significant step forward in the early detection of lung cancer,” said Dr. Brendon Stiles, Professor and Chief, Thoracic Surgery and Surgical Oncology, Department of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery at Montefiore-Einstein. “It moves us away from tumor-only approaches, which have limited sensitivity or specificity. The machine learning approach, combined with blood-based RNA gene expression profiles, and available demographics and clinical data, is immediately scalable and holds tremendous potential for guiding clinically actionable decisions across the entire lung cancer care continuum, and a promising new direction for early detection for a wide variety of diseases.”

Abstract 8557/Poster Bd #184: Development of a novel blood-based RNA gene expression platform for early-stage lung cancer diagnosis
Authors: Keiser M, et al.
Session Title: Lung Cancer—Non-Small Cell Local-Regional/Small Cell/Other Thoracic Cancers
Date/Time: June 4, 2023, 8 – 11am CT
Location: Hall A

About IVBH:

Since its founding in 2018, IVBH has pioneered a new frontier in early detection — harnessing the dynamic genomic response of the patient, through changes in RNA gene expression, to detect disease in the earliest stages. IVBH has conceived, created and developed an extensive pipeline of industry-first clinical assays, addressing major unmet needs in breast, lung and metabolic health. Visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.

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