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Written by Doug Hampton

A study by Inserm confirms that regular physical activity reduces the risk of the onset of neurodegenerative disease.

As a preamble, let’s remember that the practice of physical activity is beneficial for everyone, all sexes combined and not only in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease.

But with regard to this neurodegenerative disease, according to a French study by Inserm, the most active women have a reduced risk of around 25% of developing it.

The role of sport in women

Thus, the review Neurology relays the results of a study conducted by Inserm researchers. She suggests that regular physical activity has a role in preventing disease in women in particular.

In detail, the study was conducted over 29 years, on women from the French E3N cohort, which includes 100,000.

A profit 20 years before diagnosis

The work of the researchers has established that the benefit of physical activity is present more than two decades before the diagnosis. It is therefore important to be concerned about physical activity around the age of 50, to prevent this disease.

More specifically, the most active volunteers presented a reduced risk of approximately 25% of developing this neurodegenerative disease compared to participants who were less physically active.

A widening gap

In 2018, among the women in this large cohort, 1,200 of them received such a diagnosis. And the scientists were able to observe that the participants affected by the disease were less active than the other volunteers throughout the follow-up time. They explain :

This gap between sick and non-sick women increased further in the 10 years before diagnosis, suggesting that precursor symptoms occurring in this interval may indeed be responsible for a decline in physical activity in women who will develop the disease. , but have not yet been diagnosed.

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