iMDsoft, a global leader in clinical information systems, partners with Respiratory Care Africa to expand its operations into the African market

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Written by Doug Hampton

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iMDsoft, a global leader in clinical information systems and the developer of the MetaVision™ Suite for critical care, anaesthesia and acute care, announced today its partnership with Respiratory Care Africa (Pty) Ltd (RCA) for the South African market. Under this partnership, RCA will be authorized to market and sell licenses for the MetaVision™ Suite and provide implementation and support services to MetaVision™ customers in South Africa.

As a leading medical device distributor in the field of critical care and representing global brands in South Africa for over 20 years, RCA is ideally positioned to offer MetaVision™ to hospitals throughout South Africa, with a clinically driven, customer focused approach and a steadfast commitment to providing customers with the best solutions and highest level of service possible.

This partnership with RCA, marks an important milestone for iMDsoft, as it is the company’s first foray into the African continent reflecting the growing readiness of the region to adopt dedicated, advanced IT solutions in the critical care and perioperative space.

“We are excited to partner with RCA and launch MetaVision™ in South Africa“, said Shahar Sery, Executive Vice President, iMDsoft.  “This is a very meaningful market in the region and the timing is perfect, with South Africa’s dual private and public health systems poised to take their existing health informatics infrastructure to the next level for the benefit of patients and clinicians. We are confident that RCA has the right combination of customer reach, understanding of market dynamics and commitment to success, necessary to develop a substantial business in South Africa.”

“Healthcare institutions today are challenged by the need to deliver positive outcomes for patients whilst dealing with budget constraints, staff shortages, multiple care protocols, and increasing regulation. We are excited to partner with iMDsoft and bring MetaVision to South African market to address these challenges, by optimizing operational efficiencies in key revenue areas, to increase profitability and maintain growth rates at sustainable levels. With the current implementation and adoption of EHR, our partnership with iMDsoft enables RCA to leverage our local expertise in conjunction with a well-established global provider in critical care and perioperative unit clinical information systems, that ensures interoperability with customers’ new and existing systems and software”, said Christiaan De Wet, General Manager, RCA.

iMDsoft is constantly working to expand its global presence, to enhance care quality and improve financial performance throughout high acuity hospital environments around the world.  Through its channel partner program, iMDsoft teams up with leading healthcare technology companies, empowering them to lead marketing and sales activities in the local market whilst providing them with implementation and support services. With channel partners driving local market activities and leveraging their physical proximity to the customer, iMDsoft is enabled to focus its full attention on the development and enhancement of MetaVision™, as a fully scalable critical care solution.  With RCA, iMDsoft now has 13 strategic channel partners operating across 24 markets.

About iMDsoft

iMDsoft is a global leader in clinical information systems, empowering healthcare leaders to deliver superior results across critical care, acute care and anaesthesia environments.  With extensive experience in high acuity environments, we are critically focused on delivering results in areas of hospitals with the highest cost, revenue, mortality, and morbidity. Hundreds of hospitals and health networks across 24 countries trust and use MetaVision™ Suite, the company’s flagship product, to improve patient care quality and enhance financial results. Our global channel partner program offers an end-to-end approach for distribution partners to deliver iMDsoft’s best in class software. iMDsoft is a wholly owned subsidiary of N. Harris Computer Corporation.

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About RCA

With over two decades of experience in the medical device industry RCA are driven to augment the challenges our healthcare institutions and providers are faced with by configuring individualised customer-centric solutions that will lead to improved financial performance and the provision of safe, quality, coordinated care and better patient outcomes for a long and healthy life for all South Africans.  Established in 1998, RCA, is a privately held company.


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