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“I had to review my life when I learned that I had this”: singer Hoshi recounts her daily life with Ménière’s disease



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Asked about France Inter on Thursday May 4, the singer Hoshi said more about Ménière’s disease from which she suffers.

A disabling syndrome. The singer Hoshi revealed on France Inter to suffer from Ménière’s disease. An illness that has turned her daily life upside down: “I have to avoid stress as much as possible, because it can trigger dizziness, vomiting, tinnitus,” she says on the radio. “It’s not just pain, it spins all over the place, like being on a boat.” At the microphone of France Inter, the artist reveals that he has lost 50% of his hearing in both ears.

“It can go downhill in a few months”

Ménière’s disease is a chronic organ and balance disorder. It is mainly due to an imbalance in the pressure of the liquids “contained in the inner ear, for reasons which remain poorly understood” specifies the Vidal site. “It is characterized by attacks of vertigo accompanied by progressive loss of hearing in only one ear, as well as tinnitus”.

Singer Hoshi is fully aware of these complications, which is why she prefers to continue performing on stage while she still can. “As for the scene, there is a countdown and we don’t know when the end will be. It can be in several years or it can tumble in a few months” she confided in an interview with our colleagues from Gala.

There is no miracle cure at the moment. The treatment of Ménière’s disease is based on measures intended to reduce the pressure of these liquids: diuretic drugs, reduction of the consumption of cooking salt and elimination of foods containing caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, sodas).

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