How a computer bug caused delays in payment for caregivers at Orpéa Villeneuve-sur-Lot

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Written by Doug Hampton

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A group of caregivers and life assistants from the Orpéa residence in the Tour de Pujols was recently created. The cause: major malfunctions in the payroll figures

“Several of our friends who work here find themselves in very difficult situations vis-à-vis their banks”. This is how the members of a collective of nurses, caregivers and carers from the Orpéa residence at the Tour de Pujols in Villeneuve-sur-Lot express themselves.

“For several months, there have been many problems on our pay slips. Part of the salaries have gone up. And we have no explanation. And this is creating many difficulties for some of us”.

Installed at one of their colleague, they brought their payslips. “Look, here Sundays are not taken into account”. Another, “me, it’s overtime that has disappeared”. And all to add. “It’s been going on since January. For those of us who are on minimum wage, the January increase has not yet been passed on. What about the one decreed on May 1?”

Of course, they know all the current difficulties of the Orpéa group in France. Of course, they are all aware of changes in leadership, both nationally and locally. “We asked the new director of the Guénaëlle Geffrault residence for an explanation. She told us that she was aware and that she had informed the national management. She explained to us that these problems were due to a change in software. accounting. But since then, no news. In the meantime, some of us find ourselves in a lot of trouble”.

A deposit given then taken back

And there is one more thing that triggered the misunderstanding of the staff. “A month after taking over, some of us had a deposit of €350 added to the salary slip, without explanation and without being notified. And the month after, this deposit was deducted. is to understand nothing about it”.

Between the work overload, the lack of money, weariness is felt among the girls. “If we continue to come, it is for our residents. It is important that we are present for them. But on certain days and with the financial problems that these do not take into account Sundays worked and not paid, just like the days public holidays, unaccounted and therefore unpaid overtime, many girls are exhausted. Some have taken sick leave, others are considering changing jobs. We no longer know what to do. Some have credits and they cannot not assume the monthly payments, while everything was well framed with the bank. But there, agios are falling. There are also problems of leave, some are accepted, others not. We no longer understand it Nothing”.

A response from the national management of Orpéa

When contacted, the director of the Tour de Pujols residence, Guénaëlle Geffrault, directed us to the communication department of the Orpéa group. “First of all, we would like to apologize for these delays. We have new software since January, and it seems that there is a bug when editing some employment contracts, mainly with people on fixed-term contracts or at the end of their contract. We are in the process of regularizing everything with regard to the employees of the Tour de Pujols. By the end of the week, each and everyone must have recovered all the sums due to them. We fully understand the annoyance that these malfunctions may have caused, and we apologize for it. There has also been a delay with the Pôle Emploi assignments. They are aware and they too are in the process of regularize the different situations”. And to show a desire for appeasement. “And if people find themselves having to pay agios because of these late payments, with proof from the bank, the group undertakes to reimburse them. You know, we manage more than 50,000 payslips per month , sometimes there’s a bug. But we’re working hard to fix this kind of problem as soon as possible.”

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